Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI)

Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI)

CCAI is one of the fastest growing providers of antenna solutions and base station enhancement products in the wireless market.

Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI) innovative, state-of-the-art products allow service providers to get the most out of their existing networks and address the exponential growth in cellular capacity demand in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company’s already robust solutions for small cell deployments will now be enhanced by CCI’s acquisition of BLiNQ Networks, a pioneer in NLOS wireless backhaul, fixed wireless access, and hyper-densification solutions.

CCI is a leading provider of innovative, cost effective, revenue increasing RF solutions for cellular (mobile) infrastructure, providing network equipment for 2G, 3G and LTE co-location, coverage enhancement, capacity improvement, interference reduction, spectrum re-farming and new technology introduction. With thousands of field proven solutions, CCI brings expertise to the demanding needs of today’s wireless operators, allowing operators to accelerate deployments whilst lowering costs and improving performance. Low cost, rapidly deployable, fit-for-purpose CCI product solutions bring increased revenues by maximizing the use of RF Spectrum and Power. Recent portfolio additions are patented antenna solutions and next-generation portable PIM analyzers.

Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI) Products at Gap Wireless

ccai multiport antennas

CCI Multiport Antennas

  • Containing between 4-12 ports.
  • Multi-band antennas with separate high and low band ports.
  • Deploy 4×4 (MIMO) on both high and low bands.
  • Independent tilt control for each band.
  • Remote Electrical Tilt (AISG 2.0).
CCAI-MultiSector Antennas

MultiSector Special Events

  • Up to 10 or more beams.
  • Increase site capacity & data throughput.
  • Ideal for demanding venues such as sports arenas.
  • Provides near the one-to-one ratio of capacity increase for each beam.

CCI BiSector Antennas

  • Dual 33° beam antennas with a 65° pattern footprint.
  • Multi-band capable.
  • Independent tilt control for each beam.
  • Remote Electrical Tilt (AISG 2.0).
  • Increase site capacity & data throughput.
Small Cell Outdoor DAS Antennas

CCI Small Cell Outdoor DAS Antennas

  • Omni, Quasi-omni, Trisector, Cardioid and Bi-sector formats.
  • Pole mounted and Stadium style antenna configurations.
  • High band, low band and dual-band models available.
  • Integrated GPS antenna available on select models.
CCAI Indoor DAS Antennas

CCI Indoor DAS Antennas

  • Many of the antennas offer multi-band support; 700-2700 MHz.
  • High front to back isolation.
  • Omni and directional formats.
  • Ceiling and wall mount configurations.

CCI Specialty Antennas

  • Application and industry-specific designs.
  • Stealth radomes available on select models.
  • Customization available.

CCI Antenna Accessories

  • Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) actuators (AISG 2.0).
  • Site Control Units (AISG 2.0).
  • Antenna mounting brackets.
  • Bias-T’s (AISG 2.0).
  • AISG control cables kits and more.