Consultix has the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry for IBS / DAS testing and design tools. Consultix unique solutions cover the entire IBS/DAS project life cycle end to end; From design and verification, installation testing & commissioning all the way to long-term maintenance, optimization and monitoring solutions.

Consultix is the market and technology leader in the fast-growing IBS/DAS Testing field. All over the world, their innovative range of solutions and services help IBS/DAS operators, equipment vendors and system Integrators achieve high design performance, fast project deliveries as well as low maintenance costs:

  • CW Test Kits for Model Tuning/Model Calibration: Walk-Test tools for precise coverage planning and model tuning to guarantee that your design meets the desired coverage, quality and throughput performance after implementation.
  • Installation & Maintenance Equipment: Cable & Antenna Sweep Testers and Spectrum Analysis tools that combine precision, performance and field ruggedness at an attractive pricing/leasing models
  • Consultix MTM is the world’s most compact sweep tester for Cables & Antennas in the field. Designed specifically for the IBS/DAS environment.
  • IBS Design Optimization: Expert Design Audit/Professional Design services for challenging sites: Airports, Stadiums, MIMO LTE Throughput estimations.
  • Network Monitoring & Baseline Measurements: Solutions for quick and easy signal/network quality measurement in the field for baseline and benchmarking measurements on the go.

CW Test Transmitters/Signal Generators

Drive Test & CW Receivers

Cable & Antenna Analyzers

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Monitoring & Interference Management

RF Power Amplifiers

Radio Design Software

High Power CW Kit


Software Tools