Deltanode, a Bird Technologies company is a total solution provider of high performance, quality coverage extension equipment and services to the global wireless voice, data and multimedia market. The core business includes infrastructure products and sub systems such as Repeaters and Distributed Antenna Systems, now all branded under Bird.

Bird’s industry proven Fiber DAS product has been deployed by the thousands in many venues across the world, from the Las Vegas Strip to the Torre Mayor skyscraper in Mexico and is ideal for fulfilling multi-band, multi-operator coverage and capacity needs. Supported frequencies include FM to 2.6 GHz all on a single fiber, including most any modulation scheme from P25 and Tetra to LTE. Using their SingleNet solution, other technologies can also be transmitted over the Distributed Antenna System as well, including Gigabit Ethernet LAN, backhaul for small cells and WiFi, CPRI/OBSAI, as well as CCTV. The modular system can support virtually unlimited numbers of sectors, remotes and operators with adding sectors and operators as simple as adding a new base station interface module at the head end. Setup, control and monitoring of the entire system are done through a standard web browser, with additional options for monitoring all of your DAS networks through one converged interface through our Central Gateway (CGW).

Head End