Ditom Microwave

DiTom Microwave designs and manufactures high quality connectorized ferrite isolators and circulators for space and defense markets. The company is an AS9100 Rev. C certified U.S. manufacturing company located in Fresno, California. Their business was established in 1987 and since the inception of DiTom Microwave, they have shipped over 250,000 ferrite devices to customers all around the world. The business office and manufacturing facility are combined in a 9,500 square foot facility in the heart of the Central Valley.

DiTom Microwave’s product line consists specifically of connectorized (coaxial) ferrite isolators and circulators from 400 MHz to 40.00 GHz. DiTom Microwave offers Commercial-off-The-Shelf (COTS) and High Reliability (Hi-Rel) manufactured products to their customers. The company can modify any COTS product offering to fit your specific requirement.