Fiplex Communications

Fiplex Communications

Fiplex Communications provides a broad range of passive and active products for the telecommunications industry, including both standard and customized wireless solutions. Fiplex Communications offers solutions for site equipment, coverage enhancement, and RF conditioning from 25 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Fiplex solutions can be applied in:

  • Conventional two-way radio systems
  • Trunked radio systems like P25, TETRA, iDEN, TETRAPOL, MPT1326, and more
  • Cellular systems like GSM, GPRS/EDGE, CMDA, 1X, WCDMA, and HSDPA
  • TV and FM, analog and digital

With over 35 years of engineering experience, Fiplex Communications has developed state of the art wireless communication solutions with a strong emphasis on quality and reliability. Fiplex Communications’ wireless solutions include signal boosters and echo cancellation signal boosters, public safety centric digital distributed antenna system (DAS) products, two-way radio and trunking site equipment, broadcast and digital TV equipment, and turnkey engineering services. Fiplex Communications has developed a wide variety of customized solutions including in-building solutions, utilities solutions, healthcare solutions, oil & gas solutions, government solutions, transportation solutions, educations solutions, and entertainment solutions. At Gap Wireless, you’ll find a variety of Fiplex Communications products including digital fiber DAS products, VHF simplex digital signal boosters, and UHF programmable active crystal filters.

Fiplex Communications: Making Places Safer

Since 1984, Fiplex Communications has led the industry with best-in-class filters, duplexers, transmitter combiners, receive multicouplers, tower-mounted amplifiers, wireless engineering services, and state-of-the-art bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) for all frequency bands from FM to LTE.

Fiplex Communications has evolved into one of the most important wireless manufacturers for private and public sectors such as military, police, and civil defense. Fiplex’s modular neutral-host fiber distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions enhance wireless coverage for large facilities, campuses, remote areas, and applications in healthcare, education, enterprise, transportation, government, stadiums, public safety, and hotels and resorts.

Fiplex is committed to making places safer with high quality, reliable wireless communications products focusing on public safety and mission critical applications. Fiplex Communications products are compliant with industry norms and regulations including ISO 9001:2015, FCC, ISED, NFPA, RoHS, CE, Buy America, and UL. An engineering-driven company with a strong emphasis on research and development, Fiplex Communications continuously refines its extensive product line to achieve the highest standards for its customers. Whether it’s stadiums, hotels, malls, schools, metros, hospitals, factories, tunnels, airports, mines, warehouses, or any other buildings, Fiplex Communications solutions help make it a safer place.

To discover the Fiplex Communications solutions that are right for your applications, browse the Gap Wireless web store today. If you need any help finding the right fit, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the Fiplex Communications solutions we provide or any other way we can help you meet your wireless needs.

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Fiplex Communications at Gap Wireless

Fiplex Communications Digital Fiber DAS

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