FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. They bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through their thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. FLIR products improve the way people interact with the world around them, enhance public safety and well-being, increase energy efficiency, and enable healthy and entertained communities.

FLIR Test & Measurement Instruments

Leveraging their 50-years history as the world’s largest supplier of thermal imaging technology to military, government, and commercial customers, FLIR introduces a new line of test and measurement instruments built upon their commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability.


For Electrical Applications

Spot thermal cameras, digital multimeters, power clamp meters, flex clamp meters, voltage detectors, and videoscopes.


For Building Applications

IR cameras, moisture meters, videoscopes, and voltage detectors.



The FLIR ETS320 is an affordable solution for reducing test times and improving product design for electronic board and device evaluation. Whether the goal is R&D or product testing, heat can be an important indicator of how a system is functioning. The FLIR ETS320 helps engineers and test technicians collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly.

FLIR ONE Personal Thermal Imager

Explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible. Simply attach FLIR ONE to your smartphone or tablet and experience a new vision of the world. FLIR ONE offers non-contact spot temperature measurement, patented MSX Technology, and automatic shuttering. Plus, the FLIR ONE App offers thermal panoramas and time-lapse.

FLIR Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Thermal Imaging Cameras for sUAS. Taking thermal imaging to new heights.