Frankonia Group

The Frankonia Group was founded in 1987 as a solution provider for EMC laboratories, meeting the increasing demand for highly specialized testing environments for the electronic and automotive industry. 

The EMC testing industry is a high-technical, innovative and fast-changing niche industry. With 30 years of experience to date, Frankonia maintains its leading position in EMC solutions worldwide. Without limitations in its capabilities, Frankonia develops future-oriented concepts for complete product range, which guarantee the optimal use of resources, as well as the best possible customized solutions. Frankonia offers complete solutions for the electronic, military and automotive industry, which meet customers’ individual requirements. The Frankonia core business contains: Anechoic Chambers and Test Systems.

Frankonia at a Glance

  • Frankonia demonstrates a global presence in cooperation, with a well-structured network of productions, representations and service units.
  • Frankonia strives to be the preferred partner for customized and state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Frankonia provides fundamental knowledge to operate as a complete solution provider.
  • Frankonia implements innovative technologies to enhance efficiency and improve the outcomes and quality along with customers’ needs.

Anechoic Chambers

Within their Anechoic Chamber business that includes a wide range of standardized chambers from pre-compliance up to full compliance and customized chambers, Frankonia Group offers a variety of innovative positioning devices and accessories required in modern testing facilities like monitoring equipment, antenna mast, turntables, doors and gates, and our unique absorber technology Frankosorb.

Anechoic Chambers Catalogue


EMC Test Systems

Within their Test System business, Frankonia Group offers a wide variety of EMC test systems that encompass testing equipment for a broad range of emission and immunity tests. Beside complete test-systems Frankonia offers also single components like a broad range of antennas, pre-amplifiers, broadband RF-power amplifiers, software, GTEM cells, strip-lines, open TEM cells, signal generators, RF-power meters, and EMI receivers.

EMC Test Systems Catalogue