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Freedom Communication Technologies’ heritage in LMR test equipment dates to the late 1970’s and the industry’s first all-in-one test solution: The R2001. From then to now, their products have set the standard for LMR test equipment.

From inventing the LMR service monitor to inventing the first portable service monitor, they’ve been on the leading edge of LMR testing for decades. And now, with the introduction of the R8100 they are leading the way again with the first fully-functioning service monitor with an internal battery.

The addition of the R8100 extends the Freedom Communication Technologies product family to customers with a critical need for portability. With its internal field-swappable battery and MIL-SPEC shock and vibration rating, it offers the ultimate in portability without sacrificing the industry-leading specifications of the R8000 platform. Whether your needs include sophisticated digital infrastructure maintenance or just traditional analog LMR, Freedom Communication Technologies offers a product with a feature set and price point to meet your needs.

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Freedom R8000C

Freedom Communication Technologies R8000C

Weighing just 14 pounds, the Freedom R8000 is the only test set to offer complete benchtop functionality in a portable, software-defined package. Firmware upgrades are available free for the life of the unit, so the R8000’s capabilities only expand over time.

Freedom R8100

Freedom Communication Technologies R8100

R8100 has all the functionality and test capabilities of our industry-standard R8000 communications system analyzer, but also features an internal battery, premier ergonomics and suite of advanced features that are optional on the R8000.

Freedom R8200

Freedom Communications Technologies R8200

Freedom R8200 is the first and only test instrument that combines comprehensive digital and analog LMR testing with the ability to measure important RF network characteristics such as Return Loss, VSWR and Phase and only service monitor with the ability to display RF parameters in a Smith Chart for more complicated network analysis.

Freedom R8600

Freedom Communication Technologies R8600 Radio Test Hub

Freedom R8600 Radio Test Hub is designed to meet the demanding requirements of RF production environments. Able to withstand 150 Watts of continuous RF power input, the R8600 was explicitly engineered to provide a cost-effective solution for 24/7 manufacturing use

Freedom R9000

Freedom Communication Technologies R9000

Freedom R9000 is the first and only LTE-ready test set that also supports the full range of digital and analog LMR protocols. 6GHz Frequency Range. Fully portable (less than 17 pounds) targeting better than 4 hour battery life.  LTE capable (25MHz instantaneous bandwidth; 160MHz in future releases). Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Industry-best spectral purity (-110 dBc/Hz @20khz offset)

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