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Gamma Nu

Gamma Nu designs and manufactures world class antennas for a wide range of wireless needs. With a dedicated focus on PIM free and low loss antennas, Gamma Nu delivers high quality solutions including base station antennas, stadium antennas, iDAS and oDAS antennas, public safety system antennas, canister antennas, and more.

The rapid expansion of wireless services for voice, messages, data, and mobile internet, alongside the explosion in wireless subscribers, means the need for quality antenna solutions has never been higher. Reliable base station antennas with well suppressed PIM are necessary to ensure coverage and capacity remain high while costs remain low.

World Class Gamma Nu Antennas

Gamma Nu was established in 1997 and has spent 20+ years expanding its antenna expertise. Every component in Gamma Nu antennas—radiating elements, power dividers, cables, connectors, and contacts between metal plates—has been scrutinized to determine its contribution to passive intermodulation distortion. Gamma Nu’s patented dual polarized radiating element was designed to sit smoothly with minimal contact on the metallic plate. The company maintains many quality standards in the machining and plating of its coaxial connectors, cables, and power dividers. Additional standards are applied to eliminate metal plate contact, bending, tap and debris defects.

Gamma Nu measures PIM and VSWR on every antenna, with tapping to mimic unwanted shock and vibration, and saves the test data into the company’s Data Alive production management system. Its thorough testing procedures and commitment to quality enables Gamma Nu to produce exceptional antennas with PIM below 153 dBc and VSWR below 1.3:1.

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