Gardner Bender

Gardner Bender

Gardner Bender provides a wide variety of professional electrical tools and wire connections products. Gardner Bender sets the industry standard in product safety, ergonomics, functionality, and durability. With its leading innovation and operational excellence, Gardner Bender has been commended by its customers as the “2015 Supplier of the Year” for its electrical tools and wire connections products.

Gardner Bender’s extensive portfolio includes everything from large wire pulling equipment to hydraulic powered conduit benders to wire connectors, heat shrink, cable ties, hand tools, and instruments. The company’s electrical tools and wire connections offerings provide a full complement of solutions for electrical installation and maintenance projects of all sizes. From its very first product in 1959, Gardner Bender has grown into a leading provider of electrical tools and wire connections products with the addition of top brands including Sperry Instruments and Calterm. Today, Gardner Bender offers 11 product lines with nearly 3000 products for installing, connecting, fastening, testing, and troubleshooting electrical wire and circuits, all providing exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Gardner Bender is Engineered to Exceed Expectations

A future-facing organization, Gardner Bender seeks to excel in innovation and to provide the highest quality electrical tools and wire connections products for its professional customers. To that end, Gardner Bender provides a comprehensive catalog of products that includes wire connectors, terminals and wire, switches, conduit bending tools, conduit fishing tools, hole making tools, test and measurement instruments, cable ties, staples, wire management tools, hand tools, and products for voice, data, and video applications. All Gardner Bender electrical tools and wire connections products are built with a focus on innovation, quality, and affordability, and all of them are engineered to exceed the expectations of professional electricians.

Gardner Bender’s comprehensive portfolio of electrical products is bolstered by a family of leading brands including Bergen Industries, Calterm, King Innovation, and Sperry Instruments, all of which uphold the same standard of quality and value that sets Gardner Bender apart from the competition. Gardner Bender’s leading commitment to innovation has given the company widespread industry recognition and respected accolades including the 2019 Top Products Award from Electrical Products and Solutions Magazine, awarded to the Gardner Bender B1000 Portable Cyclone conduit bender and the GWL-20BT portable work light. With over 60 years of experience and innovation, Gardner Bender is built on the success and evolution of its award winning electrical tools and wire connections products designed specifically for professional users.

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Gardner Bender Offers Industry-Leading Innovation

Offering a solution-based approach with product designs and features based on end-user feedback, Gardner Bender continues to develop products that are available through retailers and distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. You’ll find product descriptions and item numbers for our full line of products here, or you can always view the full-line Gardner Bender product catalog using the link provided on each page.

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Gardner Bender conduit bending

Conduit Bending

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Pumps & Cylinders

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Conduit Fishing

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Hole Making

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Hand Tools

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Test Instruments

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Heat Shrink

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Cable Wraptor

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WiFi Inspection Camera