Gardner Bender

Gardner Bender manufactures and supplies a broad range of electrical and wire management products for professionals. The company’s innovation sets industry standards and exceeds professionals’ expectations for optimal product safety, ergonomics, functionality, and durability. Known for award-winning innovation, operational excellence, category analytics, and leading merchandising support, Gardner Bender has been recognized multiple times by leading customers as the, “2015 Supplier of the Year.”

From large wire pulling equipment and hydraulic powered conduit benders to wire connectors, heat shrink, cable ties, hand tools, and instruments, Gardner Bender provides a complete solution for electrical installation and maintenance projects, large and small. Starting with just a single product in 1959, Gardner Bender has grown with the additional brands of Sperry Instruments and Cal-Term to include nearly 3,000 products and 11 distinct product lines that install, connect, fasten, test, and troubleshoot electrical wire and circuits. Superior quality at an affordable price makes Gardner Bender an attractive, economic choice.

Looking towards the future, Gardner Bender strives to evolve and innovate to exceed the ever-changing technological requirements of customers.





Conduit Bending

Pumps & Cylinders

Conduit Fishing

Hole Making

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Hand Tools

Test Instruments

Cable-Ties at gap wireless

Cable Ties



Heat Shrink

Cable-Wraptor at gap wireless

Cable Wraptor

WiFi Inspection Camera