Hammond Manufacturing

Quality Products. Service Excellence

Hammond Manufacturing

Quality Products. Service Excellence.

Hammond Manufacturing began in 1916 as a backyard manufacturer of tube-driven radios and amplifiers. Today, with over 100 years of experience, Hammond is a leading global provider of communication infrastructure and electrical and electronic products. Hammond Manufacturing is a dynamic company that continuously refines its management techniques to deliver on its commitment to excellent quality.

Hammond Manufacturing’s far reaching portfolio of high quality products includes thousands of electrical enclosures, small enclosures, rack mounting solutions, electronic transformers, and outlet strips. Hammond’s several global facilities in Canada, USA, UK, and Taiwan enable its broad range of standard products, modification services, and technical support. Hammond Manufacturing’s global customers include electrical and electronic manufacturers, utilities, and institutions encompassing a worldwide network of agents and distributors. With the support of over 700 employees worldwide, Hammond Manufacturing upholds its dual promises of quality products and service excellence.

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Hammond electrical enclosures

Electrical Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing provides a diverse range of electrical enclosures including Type 4 and 12 mild steel enclosures; Type 4X stainless steel enclosures; Type 4X and 6P aluminum enclosures; Type 4, 4X, and 6P non-metallic enclosures; Type 4, 4X, and 12 disconnect enclosures; Type 12 modular freestanding enclosures; Type 4, 4X, and 12 operator interface enclosures; Type 1, 3R, and 4 commercial enclosures; Type 1, 3R, 4X, and 12 wireways and troughs; and many more. Hammond electrical enclosures come in all varieties including junction boxes, wall mount enclosures, floor mount enclosures, and freestanding enclosures.

Hammond Small enclosures

Small Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing’s wide selection of small enclosures includes diecast enclosures, plastic enclosures, extruded enclosures, general purpose metal enclosures, rack mounted enclosures, industrial enclosures, and more. These small enclosures are suitable for any need including general purpose, EMI shielded, water-tight, or heat dissipation. Hammond Manufacturing also provides development board products for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone, and Freescale boards, as well as accessories including handles, rubber and plastic feet, battery holders, tilt bails, cord wraps, hole plugs, pole mount kits, and more.

Hammond Racks

Racks & Rack Cabinets

The Hammond Manufacturing brand of over 3000 unique racks, rack cabinets, and accessories has been honed over the course of 85 years of rack mounting experience. Designed and manufactured in North America, Hammond Manufacturing’s rack mounting solutions include open frame racks, wall mount racks and cabinets, server racks and cabinets, desktop racks and cabinets, rack accessories, and more. These solutions are a perfect fit for markets including security, audio/visual, data center, voice and data, and test and measurement. Hammond’s selection of rack accessories includes shelves, rack panels, mounting hardware, cable management solutions, mounting rails, angle supports, cooling equipment, doors, handles and locks, and much more.

Power outlet

Outlet Strips

Hammond Manufacturing offers outlet strips and accessories for any application, including rack mount outlet strips, heavy duty outlet strips, and surge suppression outlet strips. Hammond’s selection of outlet strip accessories includes rack cabinet vertical mount adaptors, vertical outlet strip mounting kits, replacement receptacles, replacement circuit breakers, replacement power switches and cords, replacement pilot lights, and replacement mounting feet.