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Hammond Manufacturing Racks, Cabinets & Accessories

Quality Products. Service Excellence.

The Hammond Manufacturing brand of over 3000 unique racks, rack cabinets, and accessories has been honed over the course of 85 years of rack mounting experience. Designed and manufactured in North America, Hammond Manufacturing’s rack mounting solutions include open frame racks, wall mount racks and cabinets, server racks and cabinets, desktop racks and cabinets, rack accessories, and more. These solutions are a perfect fit for markets including security, audio/visual, data center, voice and data, and test and measurement. Hammond’s selection of rack accessories includes shelves, rack panels, mounting hardware, cable management solutions, mounting rails, angle supports, cooling equipment, doors, handles and locks, and much more.

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Hammond Manufacturing Rack And Cabinet Guide Cover

Hammond Racks and Cabinets Product Guide

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Hammond Manufacturing Racks, Cabinets & Accessories for Network Systems

Hammond Manufacturing brand of racks, rack cabinets, and accessories are designed and manufactured in North America. Some of the markets they serve include Voice/Data, Security, Audio/Visual, Data Center and Test/Measurement.

Hammond Manufacturing has over 3,000 unique rack mounting solutions available with inventory and service to support your needs.

Hammond Manufacturing Open Frame Racks

Hammond Open Frame Racks

Open frame racks are 2-post or 4-post structures onto which equipment is mounted using screws or cage nuts. Hammond offers several options.

Weight load ratings

  • Standard/ Economy
  • Heavy Duty UL 2416 rated
  • Certified Seismic rated

Hammond Wall Mount Racks and Cabinets

Wall mount racks and cabinets are designed to be attached to the wall when floor space is not available. Hammond offers several options that include:

  • Welded or Knockdown
  • Adjustable depth
  • Swing-Out
  • Open frame
  • Enclosed
  • Low-Profile
  • NEMA Rated for Type 12/4

Hammond Server Racks and Cabinets

Hammond Manufacturing server cabinets and racks for network systems. Economy Server Cabinets, Server Rack Cabinets, Audio/Visual Cabinets, Colocation Server Rack Cabinets, NEMA Rated Dust-Tight Server Cabinets, Equipment Storage Rack Cabinet and more.

Hammond Manufacturing Desktop racks and cabinets

Hammond Desktop Racks and Cabinets

The Hammond Manufacturing brand of network system cabinets, enclosures and accessories has been honed over the course of 85 years of rack mounting experience.

Hammond Rack and Cabinet Accessories

Hammond Racks & Cabinet Accessories

Rack panels, rack shelves, casters, dollies, busbars and fan accessories for Hammond Manufacturing racks and cabinets for network systems.

Hammond Rack and Cabinet Accessories

Hammond Cable Management Systems

The Hammond Manufacturing network system cable management systems are the ideal solution for all your cable management needs.

Hammond Mfg Blowers, filters, vents

Hammond Blowers, Filters and Vents

Hammond Manufacturing blowers, vents, filters and more design for Hammond Mfg Networks systems cabinets, racks and enclosures.

Hammond Mfg nuts bolts screws

Hammond Nuts, Screws & Bolts

Hammond Manufacturing nuts, screws and bolts for assembly of Hammond Manufacturing network system racks, cabinets and enclosures.

Power outlet

Hammond Outlet Strips

Hammond Manufacturing outlet strip accessories includes rack cabinet vertical mount adaptors, vertical outlet strip mounting kits, replacement receptacles, replacement circuit breakers, replacement power switches and cords, replacement pilot lights, and replacement mounting feet.