Lightning & Grounding


Harger provides high-performance lightning protection and grounding solutions. With long-standing experience in lightning protection and grounding, from engineering to systems design and product manufacturing to installation, Harger works to provide the best grounding and lightning protection equipment available with the most accurate engineering designs and highest quality materials. Several of the tallest structures in the world—including Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower, John Hancock building, and Amoco Oil building—use Harger systems for protection.

Parts manufactured by Harger, whether they’re cast, formed, or stamped, are made with the highest level of quality. Harger is dedicated to improving its manufacturing processes to consistently stay on the cutting edge of technology and fulfill its ultimate goal: ensuring Harger customers receive only the highest quality products.

Harger Grounding and Lightning Protection

Founded in 1960, Harger has gained an enormous amount of expertise in the areas of grounding and lightning protection. With a portfolio of hundreds of different products, Harger has a solution to meet the needs of a wide range of customers including telecommunications, electrical construction, and industrial markets. Harger’s wide range of solutions include exothermic welding, grounding busbars, lightning protection and grounding conductors, lightning protection equipment, and more. In addition, Harger offers extensive grounding and lightning protection training in the form of Harger University, which offers training for lightning protection installation, general bonding and grounding, exothermic certification, and wireless and telecommunications grounding.

Harger’s manufacturing engineers are also ready to provide custom manufacturing solutions for customers with specialized grounding and lightning protection needs, and have a reputation for meeting those needs on time and on spec. With a strong investment in the latest manufacturing technology and equipment, including CNC operated saws, lathes, presses, and machining centers, Harger’s number one priority is to produce the highest quality products to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

Harger’s exothermic welding solutions use patented UltraShot technology that employs a copper container which becomes part of the connection as well as an instant electronic ignition powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery that can make up to 1500 connections before needing a recharge. Molds used in the UltraShot process have been shown to endure many times longer than those used in the conventional process. Harger’s grounding busbars, designed with the company’s deep expertise in high frequency, equipotential ground planes and signal reference subsystems, play an important role in protecting sensitive electronic systems. Hargar’s lightning protection and grounding conductors are built with custom high speed drawing, plating, and cabling equipment and manufactured at Hargar’s North Carolina facility in sizes from #10 through 1000 MCM. Harger’s lightning protection equipment includes an array of innovative and installer-friendly products from the world’s leading lightning protection supplier.

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Harger grounding solutions


Harger offers a comprehensive grounding and bonding product line with grounding busbars, conductors, mechanical grounding components, and grounding electrodes. Harger was the first to obtain UL 467 listing on a copper busbar. Harger is the leading manufacturer of high-quality custom ground bars in the country. Today’s sensitive electronic environments require specialized bonding and grounding techniques. Harger’s extensive experience and knowledge in these areas are imperative when protecting sophisticated electronic systems.

Harger lightning protection solutions

Lightning Protection

Innovative, installer-friendly components make Harger the leading provider of lightning protection equipment. These products are also backed by the foremost lightning protection design department in the world today. Harger has long been one of the leading providers of structural lightning protection for commercial buildings. In fact, some of the world’s tallest structures such as the Willis (Sears) Tower, 875 N. Michigan Ave. (John Hancock) and the Aon Center (Amoco Oil) in Chicago are protected with Harger systems.

Harger exothermic solutions


Harger is an industry leader in exothermic products for grounding, bonding and lightning protection, we offer patented (UltraShot®) technology that utilizes a copper container which becomes part of the connection. Exothermic molds used in the UltraShot process have been proven to last several times longer than ones being used in the conventional process. Exothermic connections are the preferred connection method especially for below grade applications.