IGOS RF Shielding

IGOS RF Shielding is a dynamic company which is rapidly growing in the field of RF shielding products. The company designs, produces, assembles and test all products. They meet all international and military standards. IGOS RF Shielding develops, designs, produces and assembles many kinds of RF products such as screen rooms, chambers, enclosures, cabinet and boxes. The company specializes in products that have high-performance rates, high quality, and that is easy to use. IGOS RF Shielding team is a combination of engineers with many years of experience in developing our company’s products.

IG-B Series

The IG-B series is the most common series used by Israeli high-tech companies. This series lends itself to a variety uses at the working area. The series is offered in many sizes; starting with the smallest boxes (20cmX30cm) up to the working stations. (60cmX60cm). Each box has different performance, by costumer demeaned.

IG-BW Series

IG-BW is a series of RF shielding boxes, with a large window, that allow exhibitors to demonstrate the performance of their products in the ideal way.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-E Series

IG-E Series

The IG-E series offers different sizes for RF enclosure: 1×1 meters – 3x1meters. The customer has the ability to customize this series. This series comes in: -80dBm – -120dBm. RF enclosure reaches 3M high. This allows for the customer to use the product in several working stations in isolated spaces.

IG-OV Series

The IG-OV series has been built especially for testing the product in “climate ovens.” Furthermore, this series has the ability to work under extreme conditions. This series is unique and we are the only company that deals with the complexity of this demand. This series has different measurements that fit into the climate oven. The series allows testing in extreme conditions and in high-temperature differences of (-50C°) up to  80C°.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-R Series

IG-R Series

IGOS RF Shielding has designed its products for ideal functionality, while simultaneously creating a product that is user-friendly. The IG-R series is made especially for use in rack enclosures. The product is ready to install in the rack enclosures and can be removed and transferred easily.