IGOS RF Shielding

IGOS RF Shielding

IGOS RF Shielding designs and manufactures a range of RF shielding products including screen rooms, chambers, enclosures, cabinets, and boxes. Meeting all international and military standards, IGOS RF Shielding specializes in high quality, high performance products that that are easy to use. The IGOS RF Shielding team is made up of knowledgeable engineers with years of experience developing RF shielding products.

RF Shielding for Every Need

Founded in 2004, IGOS RF Shielding has rapidly developed its expertise and reputation in the field of RF shielding products. The company designs its products to be both high performance and user friendly, creating the best possible experience for its customers. With a wide range of RF shielding products and the ability to customize products based on user requirements, IGOS RF Shielding can provide the right product to fit any RF shielding need. IGOS RF Shielding’s comprehensive product portfolio includes RF shielded boxes, RF shielded enclosures, RF shielded chambers, RF shielded rooms, PCB shielding, EMI/RFI shielded vent panels, EMI/RFI shielded windows, filtered connector panels, power and signal RF filters, test fixtures, attenuation tests, custom test products, and consulting services.

IGOS RF Shielding’s RF box series fulfills a range of customers requirements, from the highly versatile IG-B series to the demonstration ready IG-BW series to the extreme testing environment of the IG-OV series and more. Each IGOS RF Shielding box, enclosure, and chamber has a separate connector panel that can be specified by the customer for maximum flexibility and effective set-up switching. All IGOS RF Shielding products are built with superior components and have been tested according to MIL-STD to ensure the highest degree of quality and capability.

To discover the IGOS RF Shielding products that are the right fit for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store or read on to learn about the different IGOS RF Shielding series we supply. If you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-B Series

IG-B Series

The IG-B series is the most common series used by Israeli high-tech companies. This series lends itself to a variety uses at the working area. The series is offered in many sizes; starting with the smallest boxes (20cmX30cm) up to the working stations. (60cmX60cm). Each box has different performance, by costumer demeaned.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-BW Series

IG-BW Series

IG-BW is a series of RF shielding boxes, with a large window, that allow exhibitors to demonstrate the performance of their products in the ideal way.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-E Series

IG-E Series

The IG-E series offers different sizes for RF enclosure: 1×1 meters – 3x1meters. The customer has the ability to customize this series. This series comes in: -80dBm – -120dBm. RF enclosure reaches 3M high. This allows for the customer to use the product in several working stations in isolated spaces.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-OV Series

IG-OV Series

The IG-OV series has been built especially for testing the product in “climate ovens.” Furthermore, this series has the ability to work under extreme conditions. This series is unique and we are the only company that deals with the complexity of this demand. This series has different measurements that fit into the climate oven. The series allows testing in extreme conditions and in high-temperature differences of (-50C°) up to  80C°.

igos-rf-shielding-IG-R Series

IG-R Series

IGOS RF Shielding has designed its products for ideal functionality, while simultaneously creating a product that is user-friendly. The IG-R series is made especially for use in rack enclosures. The product is ready to install in the rack enclosures and can be removed and transferred easily.