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Junkosha is a leading provider of high-end RF cables with exceptional performance and high reliability. Junkosha’s expertise in RF cables has led to a diverse offering of cable assemblies that includes phase stable cables for network analyzers, space qualified cables, ruggedized cables with high heat and high durability characteristics, and extremely flexible test cables made with Junkosha’s fluoropolymer technology. Junkosha’s continual innovation delivers unsurpassed customer value and a portfolio of unique RF cable products based on Junkosha’s deep experience in polymer science.

Junkosha has a driving commitment to provide its international customers with unsurpassed RF cable quality. The company embodies this commitment with its central message of “Phase Performance that Endures.” Junkosha’s MWX line of phase stable cables doesn’t merely provide exceptional phase stability; it also provides long-lasting phase stability. Developed with Junkosha’s expertise in polymer science, MWX cables combine the desirable characteristics of phase stability, durability, flexibility, and temperature resistance to provide Junkosha’s customers with exceptional value and quality. Ideally suited for measurement applications and wiring between equipment, Junkosha MWX RF cables are designed to outperform and outlast the competition.

For phase-stable cables that last, Junkosha is the way to go. Browse the Gap Wireless web store today to discover the right Junkosha RF cable for your application.

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Junkosha MWX

Junkosha has pioneered sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies, and has brought this technology to its range of RF cables. Junkosha’s MWX range of microwave coaxial cable assemblies are flexible phase stable cables that utilize the excellent properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Suitable for applications up to 120 GHz, Junkosha MWX RF cables are perfect for use with vector network analyzers that require the utmost precision. Junkosha’s broad range of high-quality phase stable cable assemblies are an excellent fit for any micro/millimeter wave application.

Junkosha MWX Cables

How to Select the Appropriate Cable

Phase Stability against Bending in Microwave and Millimeter Wave

Phase Stability against Temperature Changes

Cable Flexibility

What is "Phase Performance that Endures?"

Junkosha Microwave coaxial cables are subject to phase changes, which are caused by either bending the cables or from temperature fluctuations

Microwave coaxial cables are subject to phase changes, which are caused by either bending the cables or from temperature fluctuations.

Junkosha cables are flexible

The cables are extremely flexible and feature a high degree of phase reproducibility.

Junkosha cables have excellent durability

The result is cabling that has excellent durability and maintains phase stability for a long period of time.

Phase Performance that Endures

Microwave coaxial cables can be subject to phase changes caused by temperature variations or by bending the cables. Junkosha RF cables are extremely flexible, phase stable cables with a high degree of phase reproducibility. That means you get RF cables that have excellent durability and can maintain phase stability for a long period of time.

In most cases, RF cables fail in a year or less. Junkosha MWX coaxial cable assemblies put an end to short replacement cycles with excellent long-life durability coupled with unmatched phase stability. Together, these features reduce Total Cost of Ownership by minimizing the expense of cable replacement and calibration. Junkosha’s core message of “Phase Performance that Endures” signifies Junkosha’s commitment to customers that their MWX RF cables will provide long-lasting phase stable performance.

Junkosha Phase Stable Cables

MWX durability tested data

+/-90˚ Tick-Tock Flex Test

Junkosha internal test

Junkosha MWX Test Data 1
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MWX, Phase performance that endures example

MWX051, ø 60mm [2.4″] bending
* Length: 800mm [31.5″], with armor

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Junkosha 60mm Durability of Phase Stability in Flexure

MWX051, ø 120mm [4.7″] bending
* Length: 800mm [31.5″], with armor

Junkosha 120mm Durability of Phase Stability in Flexure
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Junkosha Products & Applications

Products for measurement

Junkosha cables feature excellent phase stability and include properties that are appropriate for the purpose of measurements in a microwave measurement environment, such as heat resistance, mechanical flexibility and durability.

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Products for wiring between equipment

These cable assemblies utilize expanded PTFE as the dielectric material, providing high phase stability in environments with fluctuating temperatures. Junkosha provides a wide variety of cables with different maximum usable frequencies and insertion losses.


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