Defining the Next Generation of Network Performance

Kaelus is an industry leader in test and measurement instruments for cable and antenna testing. Kaelus is also a recognized leader in RF conditioning products including cell-site filters, combiners, and tower mounted amplifiers. Formed in 2010, Kaelus combined four entities that each embodied a legacy of excellence in filtering technology. Today, Kaelus maintains its commitment to providing the telecommunications industry with cable and antenna testing instruments and low PIM products that empower communication around the globe.

With its strong history of RF experience, Kaelus excels in developing products that are technically innovative and that are defining the next generation of network performance.

Kaelus Test and Measurement Equipment

Kaelus’ portfolio of cable and antenna testing equipment is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the telecommunications industry. The company’s large array of test and measurement products are used in design, manufacturing, and RF wireless solutions, and include cable and antenna analyzers and portable and bench top passive intermodulation (PIM) test equipment.

Cable and antenna testing solutions from Kaelus include the iVA platform of cable and antenna analyzers. Available with channel power analysis mode and transmission mode, the iVA cable and antenna analyzer platform enables users to obtain accurate VSWR / return loss measurements and ascertain the location of the VSWR / return loss faults in their RF systems. With a Bluetooth interface, the Kaelus iVA cable and antenna analyzers give users unmatched measurement flexibility with all new possibilities for sweep testing. Rugged, battery operated, and controlled remotely, the Kaelus iVA cable and antenna testing module can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Since 1996 when it debuted the first commercial PIM testing analyzer, Kaelus continues to lead the industry in both portable and bench top PIM testing equipment. Kaelus offers the iBA series of bench top PIM analyzers, two series of portable PIM analyzers, and a complete portfolio of PIM testing accessories. The Kaelus iBA bench top PIM analyzers provide a complete bench top and rack mounting PIM test solution available in variations covering all major commercial wireless bands. The Kaelus iPA portable PIM analyzers are battery powered to provide the versatility to support multiple test scenarios, such as testing at the top and base of the tower, roof top testing, and testing in-building DAS systems.

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Kaelus Cable & Antenna Analyzers The iVA Series Cable & Antenna Analyzer is used for accurate measurement of VSWR/return loss and the location of of the VSWR /return loss in the RF infrastructure.
Kaelus The iPA Series Passive Intermodulation (PIM) analyzer is the first battery powered PIM Test Analyzer
Kaelus iVA - Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Cable and Antenna Testing

Kaelus Portable Pim testing Portable-Passive-Intermodulation-Testing at gap wireless

Portable PIM Testing

IBA series Kaelus Bench PIM Test Equipment Home Test & Measurement Solutions Bench PIM Testing Passive Intermodulation Testing Analyzer

Bench PIM Testing