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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Business) is a leading provider of RF test and measurement equipment. Over half of all smartphones sold each year are designed and tested with Keysight products.  In aerospace and defense, Keysight products are used in the design and testing of electronic systems including sophisticated avionics, radar, communication systems, satellite, surveillance, and GPS. No matter the application, Keysight Technologies enables wireless equipment manufacturers to build the best products possible and achieve the best user experience.

Keysight’s RF test and measurement equipment is used extensively in the development of computers and semiconductors. From parametric test of semiconductor wafers to functional and production test of PCBs to the final test of computer systems, Keysight products help engineers achieve the best performance possible. Keysight Technologies can also help designers of high-speed digital devices achieve cutting-edge performance while verifying compliance and interoperability with industry standards. For the general-purpose electronics market, Keysight instruments enable progress at the forefront of technology. Whether testing alternative sources of energy, producing automotive electronics, or redefining power management, Keysight helps introduce future engineers and scientists to fundamental electronic principles.

Keysight Technologies established its reputation for quality and precision in electronics measurement, and has upheld that legacy for over 70 years. As electronics technologies become more advanced, Keysight continues to anticipate its customers’ needs to offer the best test and measurement equipment available.

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Keysight Technologies Products at Gap Wireless

Keysight technologies offers a broad portfolio of RF test and measurement equipment, including oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzes, signal generators, frequency counters, network analyzers, portable test tools, and more. At Gap Wireless, we can provide you with the test and measurement instruments you need for any application.

  • Data Acquisition (DAQ): Keysight’s DAQ and switching solutions are designed for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.
  • DC Power Supplies: Whether you’re looking for a basic power supply or a sophisticated solution providing up to 15,000W, Keysight Technologies has the solution.
  • Digital Multimeters: Keysight’s digital multimeters can provide up to 100,000 readings per second to give you the best insight possible into your product performance.
  • Frequency Counters: For the most accurate frequency and time interval measurements, Keysight frequency counters provide up to 12 digits/sec frequency resolution on a one second gate, and all come with built-in analysis capabilities.
  • Function Generators: Keysight’s exclusive Trueform signal generation technology combines the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures to give you exactly the waveforms you need.
  • Portable Test Tools: When you’re out in the field and need measurements you can count on, Keysight’s selection of handheld and portable test and measurement equipment is up to the task.
  • Network Analyzers: More than 70% of engineering teams worldwide count on Keysight network analyzers to characterize and test active components including amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters.
  • Oscilloscopes: Keysight Technologies’ selection of entry-level to advanced oscilloscopes provides the highest accuracy available with large capacitive touchscreen displays and built-in measurement functionality.
  • Power Meters and Sensors: Keysight power meters encompass many frequency and power ranges to enable accurate measurement of RF and microwave signals.
  • Signal Generators: From baseband to 67GHz and frequency extensions to 1.1THz, Keysight’s wide selection of signal generators have the versatility and performance necessary for a wide range of applications.
  • Spectrum Analyzers: Keysight spectrum analyzers enable you to accurately measure the frequency, amplitude, phase noise, and modulation of all types of communication signals.

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