Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies, formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Business makes electronic test instruments help wireless equipment manufacturers achieve the overall quality of the user experience. More than half of the cell phones made and sold each year are designed and tested with Keysight products. In aerospace and defense, their products are used in the design and test state of-the-art electronic systems, such as sophisticated avionics, radar, communication systems, satellite, surveillance and GPS.

Keysight products are used across the development lifecycle of computers and semiconductors, from parametric test of semiconductor wafers, to functional and production test of printed circuits boards, to the final test of computer systems to ensure proper performance. Designers of high-speed digital devices use their products to achieve the performance limits for the latest electronic requirements while ensuring conformance and interoperability with industry standards. For the general-purpose electronics market, their instruments accelerate far-reaching applications, from testing alternative sources of energy, to automotive electronics, to power management, to introducing future engineers and scientists in academia to fundamental electronic principles.

Electronic measurement is where Keysight first established their reputation for quality and precision, a legacy they built upon for more than 70 years. As electronics technologies evolve, Keysight stays one step ahead, anticipating, accelerating and achieving their customers’ test and measurement needs.

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