MatSing is the world’s premier provider of large size, lightweight RF lenses. The company’s advanced RF lens technology enables the design of various sizes of multi-beam RF lens antennas, which serve as high capacity base station and venue antennas for the telecommunications industry and beyond. MatSing’s patented products are perfect for customers that require high-quality wireless data transmission and reception as well as companies that produce or measure communication equipment. Striving to be a world leader in base stations, venue antennas, and other high performance RF solutions, MatSing delivers its innovative technology to industries all over the globe.


Next Generation MatSing Venue Antennas and Base Stations

An ideal fit for next-generation wireless networks, MatSing’s lens technology provides the most cost effective way to grow 4G and 5G networks and match pace with users’ increasing demand for data. MatSing’s innovative RF lens technology will lead the charge for 4G and 5G wireless networks, particularly as large venue antennas for macro environments like stadiums and arenas. MatSing technology has been used to power base stations and venue antennas for esteemed large scale events all around the world including SXSW, Coachella, the Chicago Air & Water Show, Outside Lands, and more.

MatSing venue antennas provide exceptional performance characteristics including multi-band operation, minimum beam to beam overlap, ideal SINR values, high gain, high beam count, high zone count for stadiums and arenas, ideal throughput values, better reverse link noise, and standard RET capability. MatSing base station antennas provide the same exceptional performance characteristics while supporting multiple radios and improving cell edge coverage. MatSing base station antennas are ideally suited for capacity triggering sites.


A New Era of Antenna Design

MatSing’s unique meta-material and manufacturing techniques enable the first and largest RF convex lenses in the world. These lenses are able to provide quick and accurate antenna measurement solutions for end users. Lightweight RF lens technology from MatSing introduces a new era of antenna design to deliver high performance and high capacity venue antennas and base station antennas for next generation networks.

To learn more about MatSing base station and venue antennas and discover the right fit for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today.

Multi-beam Base Station Antennas Available at Gap Wireless



  • Lens Technology Enabled
  • Multi-Band
  • Minimum beam to beam overlap
  • Ideal SINR values
  • High gain
  • Ultra High-performance
  • Supports multiple radios
  • Improved Cell Edge Coverage
  • Standard RET capability
  • Ideal for capacity triggering sites
MatSing RF Lens Antennas in Stadium
Matsing MS­4.2DB60­A Multi-beam Base Station Antennas


MatSing Multi-Beam Dual Band Spherical Lens Antenna: 4 independent high-frequency (1695 – 2690 MHz) cross-polarized beams and 2 independent low-frequency (698MHz-960MHz) cross-polarized beams with 15° tilt for each 60° group and 2X2 MIMO support. Group consists of 1 lowband and 2 high-band beams

Matsing MS-6.3DB90­A Multi-beam Base Station Antennas


MatSing Multi-Beam Dual Band Spherical Lens Antenna: 3 independent low frequency (698MHz – 960MHz) cross-polarized beams and 6 independent high-frequency (1695 – 2690MHz) cross-polarized beams, with 0-15° tilt for each 40° sector and 2X2 MIMO support per beam. Sector consists of 1 low-band beam and 2 high-band beams.

Matsing MS-6.3DB90­A Multi-beam Base Station Antennas


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