MyDefence is an anti-drone security business founded by former military officers to “protect those who protect us.” With a team of highly skilled RF engineers and a strong understanding of military operations, MyDefence provides advanced anti-drone technologies for military and civilian customers. The company fosters a disruptive technology culture with the mission to develop superior electronic warfare technology to protect infantry soldiers from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and drones equipped with explosives.

Mission Critical Anti-Drone Defense

At MyDefence, the terms “Interoperability” and “Mission Critical” are more than just buzzwords—they’re lifesavers. With these guiding principles, MyDefense works to meet the most demanding military needs for flexibility and operability. By combining customer feedback with lessons from their cutting edge research, MyDefence has delivered innovative and robust wireless signaling technology for mission-critical environments.

The current state of commercial drone technology presents an increasing security risk for infantry soldiers and other security personnel. Combatting this rising threat demands the best in anti-drone technology, and MyDefense has worked hard to develop a portfolio of security solutions to help protect the lives of those who risk theirs. With an extremely knowledgeable team comprised of anti-drone experts and former military and security personnel, MyDefense is recognized as a global leader in drone defence technology.

MyDefence’s specialty is to reduce the size, weight, and power (SWAP) of critical radio frequency (RF) technologies for modern military security. Incorporating a range of technologies including passive RF detection, active radar, and active mitigation protocols, MyDefence provides top-of-the-line technology to detect and counter military threats including radio controlled IEDs (RC-IEDs) and small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


Military and Defense Solutions

MyDefence provides a selection of state-of-the-art anti-drone products engineered to secure military and security personnel. Their rapid deployment RF detection units have the longest range and smallest footprint in the industry.

The MyDefence WINGMAN series of personal drone alarms is specially built for military, police, and security officers. The user-focused wearable drone alarm can detect remote controlled commercially available drones at extremely long ranges, while minimizing size, weight, and power requirements for maximum flexibility. Worn on a user’s torso or outside of a user’s clothing, the WINGMAN personal drone alarm constantly scans for UAV signals to give users advanced warning of potential drone threats—often before the drone ever leaves the ground. WINGMAN units are IP67 rated to function in the most demanding environments, protecting security personnel no matter where they find themselves.

MyDefense PITBULL is a personal anti-drone jammer designed for dismounted soldiers. Weighing only 775 grams, the wearable PITBULL can effectively jam malicious drone signals at a range of 1000 meters. It offers manual or autonomous protection modes so that soldiers can stay focused on the mission at hand.

MyDefense EAGLE is a portable, one-man deployable radar that can detect and classify small moving targets within a 1 km line-of-sight radius. The proprietary EAGLE radar classifies the specific signature from autonomous drones and tracks real-time flight information such as speed, range, and direction.

MyDefense WOLFPACK is a portable 360° RF sensor that can detect and classify drone threats. With its easy-to-install design and intuitive IRIS user interface, the WOLFPACK is a plug-and-play anti-drone security solution that can easily integrate with existing systems. For stationary security installations, the MyDefense WATCHDOG is a networked RF sensor that searches for drone control signals to provide make and model information.

MyDefence products

Government and Commercial Solutions

MyDefence’s anti-drone solutions are easy to install and integrate into existing security system architectures for government and commercial users. With MyDefense’s international network of systems integration partners, users can quickly and easily install the most effective anti-drone systems available.

MyDefense Users

  • Special operations forces (SOF)
  • Border patrol
  • Mobile security forces
  • Intelligence services
  • Embassies
  • Airports
  • Large facilities
  • Industry
  • Critical infrastructure

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