NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. assures digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security. Their market and technology leadership stems from combining our patented smart data technology with smart analytics. They provide real-time, pervasive visibility, and insights customers need to accelerate, and secure their digital transformation. Their approach transforms the way organizations plan, deliver, integrate, test, and deploy services and applications.

NETSCOUT’s mission is protecting the global leaders of industry from the risks of disruption, allowing them to solve their most challenging network performance and security problems, ensuring the connected world runs safely and smoothly.

NETSCOUT TestStream Lab Automation Infrastructure

Test Lab Automation Infrastructure Products

NETSCOUT flexible Test Lab Automation products

NETSCOUT delivers a family of robust products designed to enable customers to improve the efficiency, speed, and performance of their test labs. Our switch offerings include the HS Series for Test Lab Automation, delivering high speed across multiple media types; the nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation, combining Layer 1 matrix switching and unique layer 2-4 intelligence in a single platform; and our OS Series for Test Lab Automation, offering an all optical Single Mode solution. Our supporting TestStream Management Software, combined with Test Lab Automation switches, delivers features like filtered tapping, network impairment, rate conversion, and equipment utilization reports.

Test Tools for Lab and Production

Test Tools for Lab and Production

NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 products enable functional, stress, and regression testing for all types of communications networks and devices. Testing Diameter elements, IMS/EPC networks, WebRTC, and even legacy PSTN equipment has never been more efficient. And our Spectra2 products are not confined to the test lab. Our Controlled Assurance solution enables customers to continue testing on a 24×7 basis in production environments.

  • HS-3200 High Speed Test Lab Automation Solution
    NETSCOUT’s HS-3200 high speed solution for test labs delivers the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to speeds, protocols, media types, and interfaces
  • nGenius 3900 Switching for Test Lab Automation
    The 3900 Series combines Layer 1 matrix switching with unique Layer 2-4 intelligence, in a single centralized platform, to optimize test lab operations
  • Spectra2 Test Tools for Lab and Production
    NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 products enable functional, stress, and regression testing for all types of communications networks and devices.

NETSCOUT Spectra2 Communications Testing

Spectra 2|SE2 NETSCOUT Spectra2 SE 2 Software Edition

Software Edition. An intuitive Test Solution for Lab and Production Networks

The Spectra2|SE² software-only test solution provides carriers and equipment manufacturers with multi-user portable low-cost signaling and media testing for both the lab and the production network.

Spectra2|SE² supports five basic pillars of network testing:

  • Functional Testing for the purpose of proving the functions and features of a network.
  • Load / Stress / Performance Testing to validate network capacity and performance.
  • Negative Testing for the purpose of ensuring that the network can survive protocol errors or malicious attacks.
  • Media Quality Assurance to prove the quality of Audio, Video, and other sources of media.
  • Automation to ensure that testing and regression cycles are as efficient as possible.


In Production

Spectra2|SE² provides a range of services that can be utilized in production network:

  • Network Element Performance Assurance – use our unique API to systematically generate test calls through every single hardware and software resource on your Media and Access gateways. Spectra2 generates a report that easily identifies any broken or underperforming resources such as “1 Way Audio” or “Bad Transcoding”.
  • End to End Service Validation – With the powerful User Emulation capabilities, use Spectra2 to generate test calls to completely validate end-to-end service quality.
  • Enterprise Premise Validation – Spectra2 can be used to generate periodic test calls to an enterprise premise to validate service quality. Configure SNMP Traps to report any call failures or service quality issues.
  • Field Troubleshooting – equip your engineering and operations teams with Spectra2|SE² on their laptops for the purpose of troubleshooting and debugging calls in the field.

SPECTRA2 XL3 For High Performance Signaling and Media test Solutions for EPC & IMS NETSCOUT SPECTRA2 XL3

Performance Testing is the only way to avoid signaling storms and assure service Quality of Experience (QoE). The Spectra2 XL3 hardware platform from NETSCOUT is an IMS and EPC test solution that enables customers to drive extreme levels of IP signaling and media traffic into the network. In doing so, Spectra2 XL3 can help verify multi-dimensional network performance and deliver services with confidence.

Performance is one of the key factors used to ensure end-to-end LTE network stability. With the increase in new applications and devices requiring greater bandwidth, signaling volumes are growing exponentially. The Spectra2 XL3 can drive traffic to those extreme levels, reaching hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, so you can stress test your critical network functions with protocols such as SIP, H248, DIAMETER, and SIGTRAN, among others.

Spectra2 XL3 can originate and terminate the high volumes of media sessions needed to assure that gateways deliver on customer demand with appropriate levels of QoS. To mitigate risk, the Spectra2 XL3 provides a comprehensive test platform to validate the network from both signaling and media performance perspectives.

All this is delivered with the award-winning Spectra2 software application – a multi-user, multi-protocol, multi-media, single source application that spans all your core test needs.

Spectra2 XL3 for EPC Test and IMS Test
Effective IMS and EPC test solutions, at a minimum, must provide some basic functions:

  • Standards based Conformance Testing
  • Functional Testing of Signaling Call Flows and Media Streams
  • Media QoS and QoE Measurement, and
  • User and Element Simulation, and
  • Performance or Stress Testing

A superior test platform must go above and beyond these basic components providing all these functions in a single high capacity green footprint that allows you to drive your EPC and IMS Cores to their breaking points for signaling, media, and functionality.

SPECTRA23u – Superior Performance for IMS Core Testing NETSCOUT SPECTRA23u – Superior Performance for IMS Core Testing

For networks in transition from TDM to IP, NETSCOUT offers Spectra23u. Built and optimized specifically for the telecommunications test and diagnostics market, the Spectra23u leverages an Intel® Xeon Dual Hexa Core® processing architecture to provide high performance in a compact footprint.

The Spectra23u single, high capacity, multi-user test platform can test your IMS, PSTN and Packet Core for functionality, performance and media quality. The SMI (Signaling Media Interface) family of hardware modules for TDM and IP environments enable functional, load, and media testing for the majority of TDM, IP and SIGTRAN based protocols.

  • TSMi (TDM) boards support T1/E1 and OC3 interfaces.
  • IPSMi (IP) boards support 1Gig and 10Gig Ethernet interfaces.

Higher Capacity, Greater Value

The Spectra23u single, cost-effective, multi-user platform addresses all relevant protocols. It provides for functional, load, media, and conformance testing for the core network. Spectra23u can effectively accommodate more calls per second, more open calls, and growing subscriber counts, and enables customers to achieve greater performance at a lower cost per port.


  • Simultaneous IP and TDM Signaling
  • Simultaneous RTP and TDM Media
  • EMS, IMS, VoIP, and Legacy Core Network Simulation
  • Consolidated hardware supports multiple functions for improved CAPEX
  • T1/E1 link density simplifies test lab configurations
  • Shared interface boards enable multi-user test environments
  • Compact servers reduce energy consumption and deliver OPEX savings
  • Spectra23u provides high performance testing in a compact footprint

NETSCOUT SpectraSecure DDoS Resilience Testing

NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

Using built in, configurable DDoS attack vectors, SpectraSecure tests resilience to DDoS attack in a controlled manner. Regardless of where mitigation takes place, SpectraSecure can verify that your applications, networks, or services can withstand attack before the attack happens.
NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

  • Devices:
    Routers and Switches with built-in DDoS protection
  • Applications:
    Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Web Servers, Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Networks:
    On-premises, cloud, or hybrid-cloud DDoS mitigation solutions

Benefits of NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

  • Verify DDoS Attack Resilience: Measure DDoS Attack Resilience before an attack happens
  • Controlled Attacks: SpectraSecure DDoS test attacks use common attack vectors to emulate real world scenarios, including multi-vector attacks, but they are 100% controlled by you
  • Test Lab or Production: SpectraSecure can be used in your test lab as part of your regular qualification effort or in your live network
  • Flexible Deployment: SpectraSecure can be deployed in a virtual infrastructure and scaled as necessary or on COTS hardware with optional high-performance NICs
  • Integration: SpectraSecure’s REST API enables integration into your existing test automation or DevOps framework


  • Easy to use Web Interface
  • Built-in DDoS Attack Vectors
  • Customizable packet content
  • REST API for automation
  • Deploy in virtual environments or COTS servers
  • Optional high performance NIC

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