Propeller Aero

Setting the Standard for Drone Data

About Propeller Aero

In 2014, founders Francis Vierboom and Rory San Miguel combined their experience in hands-on drone operations and enterprise IT to launch Propeller Aero.

They have rapidly grown into a trusted global provider of hardware and software solutions that help worksites adopt drones – and help them get real results and benefits. The Propeller cloud platform makes 3D site data easy for everyone to create, access and analyze, and the AeroPoints make it accurate.

Every day, thousands of professionals in enterprise and government organizations worldwide use Propeller Aero to create and share quality data about the sites and assets they manage. Propeller Aero helps customers improve worksite management efficiency and collaboration while reducing cost and risks.

Drone technology is having a massive impact on how worksites and infrastructure assets are managed. Propeller Aero is focused on unlocking the value of that new source of high quality data.

1217 companies are now using Propeller Aero Products

529,000 miles2 total area mapped by Propeller Aero

90 countries have access to better drone data with Propeller Aero

Propeller AeroPoints Package also include:

Propeller Aero Commercial Drone Operators

Commercial Drone Operators

Propeller Aero Mining

Mining and Quarrying

Propeller Aero waste management

Waste Management

Propeller Aero Utilities

Utilities and Telecom

Propeller Aero construction

Construction and Engineering

Propeller Aero Surveyors

Surveyors and Consultants

Propeller AeroPoints

Smart Ground Control Points for Drone Surveying

Propeller Aero innovative ground control technology that makes acquiring survey-grade data from drones simple, inexpensive and available anywhere in the world. AeroPoints work with any type of UAV, improving accuracy even for RTK-equipped models.