R&D Microwaves

R&D Microwaves is a rapidly growing company with an expanding range of exceptional quality and high-performance products utilizing high power coaxial and suspended substrate air dielectric, strapline, and microstrip designs. The company utilizes advanced engineering techniques, administrative tools and size advantage to offer quick turnaround from design to delivery.
R&D Microwaves is known for its rapid response custom design, mechanical packaging, and manufacture of Passive RF/microwave frequency components that serve the Wireless industry for indoor/outdoor applications. Included are components and subassemblies for DAS indoor applications, such as Taps, Couplers, Hybrids, and Rack mounted distribution panels. Filters, Hybrids, Crossband Couplers, and Hybrid Matrices are commonly used in base station monitoring applications. R&D Microwaves specializes in 7/16 DIN and Type N and SMA connectors for use up to 20 GHz.. Prominent features include broadband performance, high power capability, low insertion loss, and low PIM.


2,3,4-Way-Power-Dividers-Unequals at gap wireless

2,3,4-Way Power Dividers

Hybrid Combiners

Cal Kits (open, short, load)
(cross-band couplers)

DC Blocks (bias T, monitor T)
Unequals (Tappers & Splitters)

Terminations (Low PIM)
(2x2, 3x3, 4x4)

Low-PIM-Cable-Jumper-Assemblies at gap wireless

Low PIM Cable Jumper Assemblies