RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems) is a world class vendor of test grade RF components and microwave components. RFOCS’s high quality and economical RF and microwave components include RF adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, terminations, and couplers. RFOCS also provides a selection of filter products including diplexers, triplexers, and 5-plexers, alongside RF equipment including combiners, reactive splitters, and signal tappers. In addition, RFOCS offers a wide range of low PIM RF components that are often used on cellular towers, on in-building DAS systems, and in wireless research and development labs. RFOCS is your one stop shop for RF adapters and other RF components, microwave components, and assemblies that combine value and quality with best-in-class service.

Whatever RF or microwave components you’re looking for, from RF adapters to hand tools and more, RFOCS has a product that can suit your needs. To discover the microwave or RF components for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store today. To help you get started with your search, check out the many types of RFOCS products listed below.

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Grounding Kits


RFOCS’s Standard Grounding Kits are designed with a mechanically attached ground strap that incorporates an expansion rib to eliminate the possibility of over tightening. With a large contact surface area and a 5 foot, 6 AWG ground lead, these RF components are suitable for most applications. For corrugated coax, elliptical waveguide, hybrid, fiber, and power assemblies, RFOCS’s Universal Grounding Kit includes a 1/4” and 3/8” universal ground lug and tinned copper ground trap.

Weather Enclosures

RFOCS Weather Enclosures

For a cost-effective weather proofing solution, RFOCS offers resealable weather enclosures with an IP68 rating and quick installation. RFOCS also offers weather proofing kits that can protect connectors and splices from harsh environmental conditions.

Hoisting Grips

Hoisting grips rfocs

RFOCS’s hoisting grips are engineered to lift and support cables in monopoles or on towers. These RF components are available in both closed weave (pre-laced) and open weave (lace-up) design. Support clamps are included with open weave designs. Custom sized hoisting grips are available upon request—contact Gap Wireless to learn more.

Coax Blocks

Coax Blocks rfocs

RFOCS’s coax blocks have a double run design to allow up to 6 runs of cable to be supported in a single compact bundle. Made from weather-resistant polypropylene and featuring interior gripping teeth and exterior alignment ridges, these RF components are an excellent choice for running coaxial cables.

Hose Clamps

Hose clamps rfocs buy online

RFOCS provides a range of hose clamps designed for use with stand-off adapters, butterfly hangers, cushion hangers, angle adapters, and clamp heads. All hose clamp components are manufactured with 304 stainless steel.

Butterfly Hangers

butterfly hangers rfocs

For a versatile solution to cable attachment, RFOCS provides a range of butterfly hangers made from 304 stainless steel and compatible with corrugated, smooth wall coax and elliptical waveguides. All RFOCS butterfly hangers include 3/8” mounting hardware.

Angle Adapters & Stand-Off Adapters

Angle Adapters rfocs

RFOCS offers angle adapters made of 304 stainless steel that provide a maximum loading of triple stack 1-5/8” cable.

RFOCS offers stand-off adapters made of 304 stainless steel with a 3/4″ tapped adapter clamp class.

Connectors (Ring Flare)

RFOCS Connectors ring flare rfx-l4tdm

RFOCS connectors (ring flare).

RF Attenuators

rfocs RF attenuators

RFOCS offers a range of RF attenuators with attenuation from 3 to 30 dB and frequencies from DC to 4000 MHz. With SMA and Type N connector types, aluminum or brass radiators, and accuracy to ±0.5 dB, you’ll find the right RFOCS attenuator for your needs

RF Terminations

rfocs RF terminations

The range of RF Load terminations from RFOCS includes frequencies from DC to 6000 MHz rated for both indoor and outdoor use with RoHS IP65 aluminum radiators. RFOCS also offers low PIM test grade series load terminations with extremely stable PIM over the frequency range from 698 MHz to 2700 MHz.

RF Interseries Adapters

rfocs RF and microwave components and adapters

RFOCS’s wide selection of RF interseries adapters includes frequency ranges from DC to 11 GHz and connector types including 7/16 DIN male/female, 4.1/9.5 mini-DIN male/female, Type N male/female, Type TNC male/female, Type SMA male/female, and 4.3-10 male/female, including right angle and bulkhead types. RFOCS RF interseries adapters are a high performance solution for any application.

RF Intraseries Adapters

RF interseries adapter TYPE N (MALE) TO TYPE N (MALE), DC TO 11 GHZ

RFOCS’s wide selection of RF intraseries adapters includes frequency ranges from DC to 11 GHz and connector types 7/16, Type N and 4.3-10. RFOCS RF interseries adapters have a gold or silver inner plating and a tri-metal, silver, or nickel shell plating. With a durability of 500 cycles and temperature range from -40 to 85 °C, RFOCS RF adapters are a high performance solution for any application.

Threaded Rod

rfocs threaded rods for telecom infrastructure

RFOCS’s galvanized, stainless steel threaded rod hardware kits include 10 threaded rods, 20 nuts, 20 lock washers, and 20 flat washers.

Torque Wrenches

rfocs telecom torque wrenches and handheld tools

RFOCS provides tools to assist with the installation and maintenance of your RF systems. RFOCS torque wrenches are designed to help you properly install or disassemble a variety of coaxial connectors. They have a pre-set torque value that provides a tolerance accuracy within ±4%.

Coaxial Cable Jumpers

rfocs RF coaxial low pim test cable assemblies

RFOCS provides several low PIM coax cable jumpers that are highly flexible. The RFOCS superflex cable features a 1.25” bending radius and has a copper-clad aluminum center conductor. These RF components have a maximum frequency capacity of 11 GHz.



RFOCS provides a variety of lugs; including one hole, two hole, 90 angle and much more.

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