SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika manufactures high quality equipment for point-to-point microwave data transmission. The company’s creative solutions, accurate designs, and precise production and logistics makes SAF Tehnika achieve excellence in modern wireless data transmission. Founded and headquartered in Northern Europe in 1999, today SAF Tehnika has grown into a global company that provides high performance wireless products to a wide range of market segments with its products operating in over 100 countries around the globe. SAF Integra-E banner

Broad Expertise at a Fair Price

SAF Tehnika offers a broad solution portfolio containing a complete range of industry standard wireless microwave data transmission equipment, including modular split-mount and full outdoor Native Ethernet/IP microwave systems for licenced and licence free frequencies. In addition to its standard offerings, SAF Tehnika also provides a host of unique and innovative products such as the industry leading Spectrum Compact handheld microwave analyzer.

By encouraging visionary product development decisions, SAF Tehnika excels at adapting to the constantly shifting environment of broadband connectivity and mobile communications, which comprise the new backbone of the modern world. The company’s drive to excel amongst a changing landscape and competitive industry is what allows SAF Tehnika to supply unparalleled solutions for its customers that are simultaneously reliable, energy efficient, and economic—because SAF Tehnika believes in broad expertise at a fair price for solutions that are both smart and sustainable.

Microwave Solutions of Choice

SAF Tehnika supplies the wireless microwave solutions of choice to internet service providers (ISPs), broadband access providers, mobile and alternative operators, PTT/fixed operators, governments, utility companies, and many more customers across several market segments. The company’s core philosophy is superior customer support, a tenet which underpins all of SAF Tehnika’s research and business development efforts. By constantly keeping track of the latest industry trends, SAF Tehnika can not only meet its customers’ current demands but also anticipate their future needs and develop solutions that lead the industry. To meet its core goal of customer support, SAF Tehnika provides its customers with its industry leading technical support services. SAF Tehnika maintains a global team of representatives and partners in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and South and East Asia.

With a wealth of collective engineering experience paired with world class intellectual capacity, SAF Tehnika can execute on its mission to design and develop products that fit its customers’ needs. SAF Tehnika maintains a rare commitment to design, manufacture, and support hundreds of customer tailored product variations as well as user adapted features and application techniques across its product range.

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