Sarokal Test Systems is a leading provider of test solutions for fronthaul networks. Sarokal´s X-STEP solutions allow users to properly test and verify their 4G and 5G devices, with support for several digital interface protocols including CPRI, OBSAI, JESD204, Ethernet, and the forthcoming eCPRI and IEEE 1914 protocols. Sarokal’s solutions are ideal for customers including chipset vendors, fronthaul equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, and more.

Sarokal X-STEP is a system-level test platform for all design phases, from early R&D to field installations. X-STEP enables users to exchange traffic information and views of the standards and specifications in an executable format, leaving no room for interpretation and allowing all partners to proceed with development and verification based on identical requirements. With X-STEP, potential conflicts can be detected early to avoid problematic system integration.

With Sarokal X-STEP products, users can generate, capture, and analyze bit accurate fronthaul traffic with various line rates and protocols. With X-STEP, users can efficiently detect and correct interoperability problems in the laboratory or field. Offering 100% visibility and control over fronthaul traffic, Sarokal X-STEP products ensure full interoperability of baseband units and remote radio heads even in the early R&D phase.

X-TEST for System Level Testing

Sarokal X-STEP is the ideal solution for testing radio base station systems and components at all phases of design. For chip development, X-STEP products support register transfer level (RTL) simulation, hardware emulation, FPGA prototyping, full-speed ASIC/FPGA design verification, and hardware/software integration with support for all digital RF interface protocols. Sarokal X-STEP also supports the development of active antennas for 4G and 5G networks, providing the ability to share specifications in an executable format to ensure interoperability in the early development stages. X-STEP products can be used for verification and software integration for remote radio head datapaths. Developers can also use Sarokal X-STEP to test radio aggregation units (RAUs) for protocol pass-through or protocol conversion with support for all protocols, line rates, and configurations. Finally, X-STEP provides a powerful way to test the baseband units (BBUs) that are used to control ever evolving fronthaul networks, reducing the time and complexity normally associated with BBU testing.

Sarokal X-STEP can be used in three different modes: X-STEP Actor, X-STEP Sniffer, and X-STEP Intruder. X-STEP Actor is an external active link counterpart acting as a master or slave in radio base station systems, providing unlimited control and full visibility into captured data to enhance functional verification. X-STEP Sniffer is a transparent link monitor with advanced capture triggering capabilities, full visibility, and complete protocol analysis, providing users with an effective solution to analyze and solve link problems from up to four fibers simultaneously. X-STEP Intruder enables users to conduct fault tolerance testing and variable cable length modeling for long distance connections. Whatever your current design phase, Sarokal X-STEP is a powerful and efficient solution for your network testing needs.


X-Step DRT8i

Sarokal X-Step dnrt4

X-Step DNRT4

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X-Step Actor

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X-Step Sniffer

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X-Step Intruder