Sarokal Test Systems provides innovative test solutions for fronthaul networks. Sarokal´s CPRI, OBSAI, JESD204, Ethernet and upcoming eCPRI and IEEE 1914 solutions enable users like chipset vendors, fronthaul equipment manufacturers, and telecom operators to develop, test and verify their 4G and 5G network devices.

Sarokal X-STEP™ products provide means to generate, capture, and analyze bit accurate Fronthaul traffic with various line rates and protocols. With the 100% visibility and control over Fronthaul traffic, X-STEP can ensure full interoperability of baseband units (BBU) and remote radio heads (RRH) already in the early R&D phase, and efficiently discover and correct interoperability issues in the laboratory or field.

X-STEP™ is a test system that covers all design phases from early R&D to field installations. With X-STEP™, ecosystem partners can exchange authentic traffic information and views of the standards and specifications in an executable format. This leaves no room for interpretation, and all partners can be sure to base their development and verification on identical requirements. Potential conflicts are detected well in advance, preventing them from disturbing system integration. Interoperability becomes the key aspect in the way that individual products are designed and verified.

X-Step DRT8i

X-Step DNRT4

X-Step Actor

X-Step Sniffer

X-Step Intruder