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Select Fabricators is the leading U.S. manufacturer of RF Shielded Tents/Enclosures trusted by users in the government, defense, automotive, and technology industries. Their Patented designs combined with innovative construction methods and expertise in RF/EMI shielding allow their various pop-up and semi-permanent frame fabric enclosures to reach attenuation levels over -100 dB.

Custom options for ventilation, filtered connections, lighting, and more give users a completely integrated shielding solution.

Select Fabricators RF EMI shielded enclosures, EMI curtains, RF shielded boxes, RF shielded tents, and EMI chambers

Select Fabricators RF / EI Shielded Products at Gap Wireless

Select Fabricators is the premium source for RF / EMI shielded enclosures, EMI curtains, RF shielded boxes, RF shielded tents, and EMI chambers.

Select Fabricators’ patented RF Shielding Enclosures allow customers to customize any size, shielding effectiveness, and options to create a faraday cage that will fit any project budget. The lightweight conductive textile allows customers to maximize important lab/testing space with size customization and portability/storage ability. Pack up and safely store your faraday cage when testing is complete.

Purchase a RF test enclosure that can fit on your desktop or workstation or as large as a full hanger or garage. SFI has completed large-scale modular projects as large as 9,000 square feet and 150 feet in length or 40 feet in height.

SAM & ITAR registered, Select Fabricators is ISO manufacturing compliant and adheres to key strict aerospace and military protocols. All RF Tabletop Enclosures and larger are quality tested in-house using a handheld field measurement unit to measure shielding effectiveness. Each RF / EMI Shielded Enclosure will come with a quality certificate.

Select Fabricators Products at Gap Wireless

Applications for Select Fabricators RF / EI Shielded Products

Select Fabricators is trusted by engineers and leading organizations in the aerospace, military, government, automotive, and law enforcement industries for a variety of critical applications. Whether you’re conducting EMC testing on handheld electronic devices, capturing digital evidence, mining and storing digital currency, even testing electromagnetic emissions on vehicles, count on Select Fabricators for maximum isolation and shielding.

Select Fabricators RF EMI Shielded Products Applications

Customizable RF Test Labs to Fit Your Team’s Exact Needs 


Pre-compliance testing is an essential stage in product development. Select Fabricators’ RF shielded portable tents and other shielded products make it possible and practical, so you don’t waste engineering time or money in expensive outside test labs.

With an average attenuation of better than -90 dB, they help you test with confidence before proceeding to compliance testing and ensure your product reaches the market more efficiently.

Highly Engineered Test Chambers For All Vehicle Testing Needs 


Today’s commercial and military vehicles are more connected than ever. Autonomous vehicles, and connected cars, trucks, buses, and military vehicles rely extensively on wireless signals and electronics making cyber security an important consideration in vehicle development.

Select Fabricators’ high attenuation custom RF/EMI Enclosures are produced to upgrade permanent lab spaces and create portable testing environments at major vehicle R&D centers around the globe. Select Fabricators’ custom enclosures provide attenuation results on average above -90 dB shielding effectiveness at commonly used cellular and Wi-Fi® frequencies (1 GHz to 30 GHz).

Perform Wireless Testing In-House With An Isolated RF / EMI Tent 


The Internet of Things relies on millions of devices connected by Bluetooth®, Zigbee and other wireless technologies.

If you’re developing those devices, isolating and containing the signal during wireless device testing is critical during the development cycle. Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI shielded chambers, tents, curtains, and pouches can effectively isolate your lab spaces and products.

Improve RFID Reading Accuracy 


Select Fabricators’ high attenuation RF isolation curtains and tents are ideal for warehousing, logistics, military, and manufacturing applications. With the increased reliance on RFID for a variety of applications, our products help isolate the EMI noise. Select Fabricators’ RFID shielded products are easy to set up and dismantle, allowing them to be used in multiple locations as needed.

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