Siama Systems


Siama Systems provides test solutions that ensure network conformance and performance. Service Providers, enterprise, data centers and network equipment manufacturers around the world use Siama Systems to verify new products and services, reduce site-visits, lower deployment costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


In addition to a full suite of Ethernet and IP service assurance functions, Siama System’s platform provides all the traffic emulation, filtering, capture, analysis and troubleshooting tools you need to quickly identify and reproduce issues.


Providing network visibility, conformance and performance test tools that are easy to use.

Network Equipment Manufacturers

Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMS) find today’s competitive environment challenging. How do you test your equipment’s complex feature sets cost effectively? To add to this, the race is on to deliver production-ready virtualized networking functions, and you must stay ahead of your competition to capture market share. Siama Systems offers solutions to test and verify your next-generation networking equipment and Virtual Networking Functions (VNFs) that are feature-rich, easy to use and span a wide variety of applications.

Communications Service Providers

Customers are increasingly demanding “birth certificates” for Carrier Ethernet services to prove that the service conforms to the SLA. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need a consistent method of testing Ethernet and IP services that is automated and rapid to execute. Siama Systems’ solutions allow CSPs to verify their services by enabling a Service Activation Test (SAT) without the need to dispatch a technician to the customer premise. The GENEM-X application performs these tests with the click of a mouse and provides formal test report documents in PDF format that can be shared with customers. You can use the same GENEM app to perform on-demand testing to trouble-shoot customer issues.


Business velocity depends on fast, reliable networks. New enterprise cloud applications, big-data acquisition and mobile connectivity are all factors driving the demand to scale infrastructure capacity and speed. Bringing new data centers and enterprise sites online is not an easy task. Reduce the risk by testing new infrastructure and connectivity services before going live. Siama Systems products cost-effectively ensure your network infrastructure and applications are ready to scale to new user demands.