Southwire is a leading manufacturer of cables and wires for electricity distribution. Based in North America, Southwire provides innovative cable and wire products that simplify installation to save time and money. The company is comprised of four distinct manufacturing segments focused on specific products and customers:

  • Energy
  • Electrical
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
  • Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR)

Southwire products are found in one in every three new homes built in the United States, and Southwire products deliver power to millions of people throughout the world. Whether you have a commercial, residential, industrial, or utility application, Southwire has the cable and wire solutions you need.

Southwire Service and Innovation

Since its founding in 1950 in Carroll County, Georgia, Southwire has evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of electrical cables and wires for the industrial and commercial construction industries. The company’s extensive product line of innovative cable and wire solutions is also supplemented by a range of reliable test and measurement tools, including auto ranging multimeters, manual ranging multimeters, 3-in-1 pocket multimeters, analog multimeters, AC/DC clamp meters, non contact AC voltage detectors, voltage / continuity / phase rotation testers, AC/DC voltage testers, 4-way voltage testers, infrared thermometers, borescope inspection cameras, circuit breaker finders with GFCIs, receptacle testers, continuity testers, battery testers, electrical test kits, replacement test leads, temperature clamps, adapter kits, and more.

Southwire Leading Electrical Wire, Cable and Cord

With over 7000 employees and an expansive network of coast to coast customer service centers throughout North America, Southwire prioritizes the need to put its cables and wires in the right hands at the right time. To keep up with its customers requirements for timely solutions, each of Southwire’s service centers is equipped to specially cut cable and wire for any order to fit any schedule. Southwire’s 10 U.S. customer services centers are supported by Southwire’s nation-wide network of 15 manufacturing plants. Southwire’s cables and wires are found across the country in commercial and industrial buildings, utilities, automotive harnesses, HVAC systems, electrical motors, lightning wires, appliances, home theatre systems, and many more applications.

To learn more about Southwire and discover the cable and wire solutions that are right for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today. Read on to learn more about Southwire’s industrial and commercial construction cable and wire solutions.

Southwire Products Available at Gap Wireless

Southwire industrial applications

Southwire Industrial Products

By focusing on Industry leading technical and commercial support, Southwire’s industrial division has grown to be one of North America’s largest suppliers of industrial wire & cable. Their product line is designed to support a broad range of product applications. Get the right product and technical information to complete your design accurately and on time.

Southwire commercial applications

Southwire Commercial Products

Southwire understands that no two jobs are the same. With an emphasis on service excellence and relationship management, Southwire’s project teams focus on the uniqueness of each commercial job, identify challenges, and deliver innovative solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity. Whether your job involves stores, shopping centers, hotels, offices, casinos, sports arenas, hospitals, schools or universities, Southwire has the wire and cable product for your application.