SpectraTronix is a provider of end-to-end products and services for RF system design, development, prototyping, and test and measurement. Founded in 2005, SpectraTronix began with a team of Consultix engineers and builds upon that company’s success in the telecom market. Today, SpectraTronix provides researchers, developers, and educators with the same high-quality tools and services that brought Consultix to its global success.

RF systems from SpectraTronix have been featured throughout the world at conferences and universities that target applications in massive-MIMO, FMCW research, SDR and cognitive radio, medical research, 4G/5G wireless, and aerospace and defense.

  • Professional Design Services: Spanning Digital Design, Embedded System Design, PCB & RF System Design.
  • Reusable & Custom VHDL IP Design.
  • Prototype Manufacturing Services.
  • C700 Module Customization Services (up to 30 GHz & Beyond).

The SpectraTronix C700 Platform

The SpectraTronix C700 is a modular RF system level development and prototyping platform engineered to empower RF, FPGA, and system designers with unparalleled speed and flexibility. The SpectraTronix C700 platform enables designers to test and prototype RF designs while eliminating the burden of integrating and troubleshooting various RF boards. The C700 provides powerful performance and ease of use at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, allowing designers to configure complex RF designs quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

With the SpectraTronix C700, designs can focus on design code and let the C700 handle synchronization, LO control, data communication, and other ancillary functions. Compatible with all major system level design tools, the C700’s built-in FPGA and SoC processors support direct programming as well as PC control from GNU Radio, MATLAB, and LabView. The SpectraTronix C700 is suitable for applications up to 18 GHz and offers accuracy <0.5 dB, 1×10-7 frequency accuracy, a 1 GHz/s sweep time, and 40 MHz channel bandwidth.

SpectraTronix C700 platform

The C700 platform represents SpectraTronix’s effort to remove the barriers to RF innovation and enable students, educators, researchers, and startups to pursue innovation and excellence in their wireless systems. The C700 platform offers a modular approach to radio system design and verification to meet a variety of user requirements. Users configure their system on top of the C700 Base Unit, which controls synchronization, power management, data communication, and other primary functionality. Two classes of modules, Basic Modules and Innovation Modules, communicate with the C700 Base Unit with a bus speed of 700 mbps.

C700 Basic Modules include the SYNCH module, which provides synchronization and timing information to the entire system; control modules, which offer an embedded controller or communication to an external host; and PLL modules, which provide other C700 system modules with a highly stable RF local oscillator. C700 Innovation Modules provide programmable functionality and include VSM modules for vector (digital) signal generation/transmission, VSD modules for vector (digital) signal demodulation/reception, and UDC modules for a front end with up and down conversion.

Spectratronix channel-sounder

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