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Sunwave Solutions, a leading–edge technical innovator, specializes in creating world leading solutions to solve the coverage and capacity challenges of the world’s Mobile network operators. With a reputation as a technical innovator, producing high quality products, and with state of the art supply chain management, Sunwave Solutions has become the choice of Mobile network operators across the world.

Sunwave Solutions’ North American Core and RAN Innovation Design Center in Vancouver, British Columbia leads the market in the development and manufacturing of All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies. Combining these products with the Crossfire all digital distributed antenna system provides wireless operators with an end to end product portfolio for Heterogeneous Network Solutions.

The expansion of Sunwave Solutions into the North American market will augment the successes already achieved in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Sunwave Solutions Enterprise LTE

Sunwave Solutions In-Building Coverage

CrossFire, Sunwave Solutions’ All-digital DAS platform, supports many of the standard features expected in a DAS solution such as star configurations, single mode and multimode fibre support, neutral hosting, multiband and multi technology support, including high, low and nano power applications.

CrossFire, being an all-digital DAS platform also offers flexible GUI configuration, digital passband filtering, daisy chained or star configured remote units, main hub to remote distances up to 70 km, remotely configurable capacity and coverage, single fibre MIMO support, supported RF bandwidths of over 250 MHz on a single fibre, BTS hotels, extremely low power consumption giving rise to significant reductions in the TCO for DAS installations and integrated GigE transport.

All of these features and capabilities and more, are available as standard with CrossFire but within the budget constraints of today’s DAS marketplace.

Sunwave Solutions Enterprise LTE

Enterprise LTE solutions from Sunwave can be used to provide 4G coverage solutions to Hospitals, shopping malls, office complexes etc. These solutions, often referred to as private network solutions allow Sunwave to bring together many of its product ranges including Crossfire all digital DAS, Small cells, Thin RAN, EPC and IMS to supply one stop end to end solutions.

Sunwave Solutions Cellular Digital DAS System

CrossFire N2 is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE IP and public safety technologies on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 8 x 3GPP bands with a combined EiRP value of almost 1 Watt utilizing integrated antennas for cellular and Bluetooth beaconing, plus integrated Wi-Fi as an option. The N2 platform is part of the CrossFire 2.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology from 360MHz to 3.8GHz, plus future RAN virtualisation.

CrossFire NPRU is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE and public safety technologies on Twisted Pair Copper and Optical cabling using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 4 x 3GPP bands across a wideband software defined remote unit. The NPRU platform provides a Wi-Fi style approach to deployment of cellular coverage by adopting structured cabling including Power over Ethernet between the floor riser and antenna location. An ideal solution for the Enterprise.

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