T3 Innovation

T3 Innovation

T3 Innovation is dedicated to providing top of the line handheld cable test equipment. Innovation is literally the name of the company, and T3 Innovation aims to equip its customers with the latest, most effective technology in every product they offer.

Backed by an experienced team of software and hardware engineers, T3 Innovation ensures its cable test equipment is designed, tested, and produced to the highest possible standards. T3 Innovation’s handheld cable and test equipment is manufactured in the U.S to meet market needs around the globe.

The Innovation of SSTDR

T3 Innovation’s handheld cable test equipment is powered by the latest in time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology. Though this technology has existed for over half a century to measure cables for length and faults, it has historically not enabled measurements to be performed on energized cables. T3 Innovation has built its portfolio of cable test equipment on an improved technology, spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR), which allows users to test cables in the field without interruptions or the need to de-energise. SSTDR also improves measurement accuracy and allows users to pinpoint the location of a cable fault to within a few centimeters. With this innovative technology, T3 Innovation empowers its customers with high quality cable test equipment at an incredible value.

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T3 Innovation coax-clarifier

Coax Clarifier

The Coax Clarifier is a self-contained, hand-held, battery-powered analyzer for quickly mapping coax network connections, measuring performance and locating faults on “Dark” residential and business cable networks.

T3 innovation Snap Shot

Snap Shot

The Snap Shot accurately finds cable length, impediments in the cable and conditions at the end of every wire in your data, power, or communications/video system up to 3,000 ft.

T3 Innovation GigTest

Gig Test

The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to guarantee up to 1 Gbit speed on ethernet links within a network.


Power Prowler

The Power Prowler multi-function time-domain reflectometry (TDR) cable fault finder can identify faulty cables and has the ability to accurately measure the distance to the fault. The Power Prowler can be used on energized or un-energized cables and is suitable for AC and DC voltages up to 600 volts and incorporates a Live Event Detection function that’s ideal for pinpointing intermittent faults.