TDK RF Solutions

TDK RF Solutions

TDK RF Solutions Inc., belonging to TDK Corporation’s EMC & RF Engineering Business Division, was established in Cedar Park, Texas in 1987 and acquired by TDK in 1998. TDK RF Solutions is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of technical solutions for the electromagnetic compatibility testing and antenna measurement industries. We offer a complete range of solutions including automated test systems, TDK anechoic chambers, RF absorbers, antennas, software, and a wide range of test products.

At TDK RF Solutions our mission is to utilize TDK’s global technical expertise and resources to become the preferred provider of EMC solutions, research & development, product design, and test products for the worldwide RF community. We call it Total RF Expertise ™ and it means TDK RF Solutions is your trusted single partner for RF consultation, design, test products, and services.

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TDK EMC Chambers

TDK EMC Chambers

TDK RF Solutions EMC anechoic chambers have solved the problems associated with both outdoor and conventional indoor measurement facilities. Their chambers employ their own high-performance radio weave-absorbing materials, carefully selected to match the test requirements

TDK RF EMC anechoic chambers are complete turn-key systems which can be put into use immediately. Their performance has been thoroughly verified to correspond well with the values obtained for the very best open site testing facilities.

TDK Absorbers

TDK RF Radio Wave Absorbers

Applications for such materials include measures for reducing the radiated noise and improving the noise resistance of electronic devices (such as communication devices, office electronics, computers, home appliances, and devices mounted on automobiles) and facilities for evaluating EMI measures (such as anechoic chambers).

TDK RF Solutions offers a wide range of radio wave absorbing materials based on our long tradition of developing electrical and magnetic material technologies as well as electronic and radio wave technologies.

TDK TestLab Software

TDK RF TestLab

Relying upon their history of almost 30 years in EMC software and automation development, TDK RF Solutions’ EMC TestLab series of software is the defacto choice for EMC test professionals worldwide. The software series is divided in to easily recognizable packages, each package targeting a specific measurement theme.

In its simplest form, the software provides an elegant and flexible platform for consolidating the various measurements, analyses, post-processing and reporting EMC related phenomena.

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