Transtector Systems

Transtector Systems, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures power and signal integrity solutions. The Company offers AC, DC, data, and signal surge protection products, as well as integrated cabinets and lightning protection products. Transtector Systems operates in the United States.

Transtector Systems specializes in the protection of highly sensitive, low voltage equipment through its patented, non-degrading silicon diode technology and custom filters. Their power quality expertise translates into a diverse product offering including AC, DC, and signal applications as well as integrated cabinets, power distribution panels and EMP hardened devices.

Transtector Systems at Gap Wireless

Transtector-AC Surge Protection

AC Surge Protection

Transtector-DC Surge Protection

DC Surge Protection

Transtector-Data Line Surge Protection

Data Line Surge Protection



Transtector-Signal Solutions

Signal Solutions


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