UNIPOWER provides reliable power electronics, energy conversion systems, and power supplies, including a complete line of high-efficiency rectifiers, inverters, and DC power systems for mission-critical applications. UNIPOWER has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing power solutions for applications in telecom, cable, power utilities, energy, and municipal markets. With customers in over 60 countries, UNIPOWER is committed to providing reliable power solutions for all applications and environments. UNIPOWER has provided an installed base of over 300,000 rectifiers and front-ends to leading companies in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


UNIPOWER’s extensive product portfolio includes best-in-class rectifiers, converters, and network power products such as DC power systems, system controllers, batteries, and battery monitors. For customers with non-standard needs, UNIPOWER provides customized solutions to provide the right power product for any application. With an innovative engineering team and a strong desire to deliver the most reliable and efficient solutions to its customers, UNIPOWER’s power products achieve remarkable efficiency levels over 96 percent. To achieve its quality standards, UNIPOWER facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the company maintains a commitment to quality founded on a proactive approach, process repeatability, and a strong company culture.

UNIPOWER’s DC power systems offer easy installation, straightforward operation, and simple maintenance, fitting perfectly into new or existing networks. With their modular approach and scalable architecture, UNIPOWER DC power systems can be configured to your specs and offer plug-and-play capabilities to go live on your network in no time. The systems offer remote diagnostics, remote monitoring with SNMP, a familiar browser interface, battery monitoring, and a short mean time to replace.

UNIPOWER products include the Aspiro 1U DC power systems for applications including broadband access, cable head ends, micro/pico BTS Cells, Enterprise E911, GSM-R, and LTE; the Aspiro 2U modular DC rack mount system offering an installed capacity of up to 4.8kW of rectifiers; Aspiro rectifiers, a family of single-phase, hot-pluggable, fan-cooled rectifiers with an excellent efficiency of over 95 percent; Guardian rectifiers, a family of 3 modules providing optimal cost/density options; Guardian Access cabinet and rack-mount systems; Guardian Shelf solutions available in 48VDC, 24VDC, or dual output versions; and many more.

To learn more about UNIPOWER and discover the high-efficiency power products that are right for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today.

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