Us Conec

Established in 1992, US Conec is a leader in providing passive components for high density optical interconnects. The company was founded to expand the use of MT style multifiber technology through the design, manufacturing, and sales of high precision fiber optic components.

Today, US Conec brands span the globe, delivering cost-effective technology solutions for data center and enterprise structured cabling, public networks, circuit board interconnect, and industrial and military markets worldwide.

Today’s optical networking components requiring minimal insertion loss and back reflections demand, quick reliable cleaning solutions.
Fiber tips containing even trace amounts of debris not only suffer from power degradation but also an increased likelihood of permanent damage when mated.

Product variations include a variety of solutions that make it easy to use on most fiber connector types, and in any fiber or lens cleaning situation. The cost and performance of these cleaning tools make it an easy choice over competitive solutions.

US Conec Fiber Optic Cleaners

US Conec’s fiber optic cleaning products offer cost-effective high-performance products with features such as a robust micro-woven cloth and sturdy housings, making cleaning your connector endfaces both a simple and economical task.

Single Fiber Tools

Single Fiber Cleaning Tools

Multifiber Cleaning Tools

Multifiber Cleaning Tools

Refillable Cassette Cleaner

Refillable Cassette Cleaners

Pipe Cleaning Tool

Stick & Pipe Cleaners