Ventev Wireless Infrastructure


Ventev Wireless Infrastructure designs and manufactures world-class Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products incorporating the Ventev, TerraWave, and Wireless Solutions product lines. Ventev’s Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products are simple to install and engineered to provide fast and reliable network performance.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure combines the best Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products from three industry leading brands: Ventev (integrated power and outdoor enclosure solutions), TerraWave Solutions (Wi-Fi enclosures, antennas, and cable assemblies), and Wireless Solutions (base station infrastructure including site hardware and grounding). All Ventev Wireless Infrastructure products deliver solutions to support the rising demand for fast and reliable wireless access across Wi-Fi, DAS (distributed antenna systems), cellular, mesh, and two-way radio networks.

With a powerful portfolio of Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products, including components and turn-key solutions, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure’s unmatched wireless knowledge and service gives customers complete solutions to deploy and manage their wireless network.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure got its start as a manufacturer of high quality Wi-Fi networking components. Today, Ventev offers a broad wireless infrastructure portfolio for Wi-Fi and DAS markets serving enterprise, carrier, and government customers. Ventev’s Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products include antennas, enclosures, RF cables and cable assemblies, connectors, splitters, and accessories.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure

With three industry-leading brands combined to provide exceptional Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure is a trifecta of value, performance, and quality. For the best in customer service and satisfaction, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure is the go-to brand for high performance Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products and solutions.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure product lineup

Ventev provides integrated power and enclosures in order to support outdoor wireless network deployment. Ventev’s expertise and experience in RF and power engineering results in infrastructure solutions for any applications, whether you’re looking to expand your Wi-Fi outdoors or design solutions for remote monitoring and control applications such as smart grid, SCADA, signaling, or positive train control. Ventev’s extensive Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products include outdoor enclosures for wireless radios, battery back-up solutions, and solar powered systems that are ideally suited for industries including oil and gas, transportation, utility, and more.

TerraWave Solutions

TerraWave Solutions has unmatched experience providing Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions and accessories to customers throughout the world. As the Wi-Fi/WLAN division of TESSCO Technologies, TerraWave Solutions has served as the official test bed fulfillment center for the Wi-Fi Alliance. With a focus on Wi-Fi 802.11 and enterprise mobility solutions, TerraWave manufactures, integrates, and supplies Wireless LAN components and custom Wi-Fi solutions for enterprise wireless LAN deployment. With its deep wireless networking knowledge and comprehensive Wi-Fi product offerings, TerraWave Solutions provides its customers with full-featured solutions for deploying, managing, and securing wireless networks.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions engineers high quality products for base station infrastructure, whether on the ground or on the top of a tower or rooftop. Providing a comprehensive array of products from grounding components to wireless equipment mounting solutions to site hardware and cable accessories for cellular networks, Wireless Solutions is the physical foundation that drives effective wireless networks.

Ventev Solutions at Gap Wireless

Whatever your industry and application, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure’s comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products can help you meet your wireless networking needs. Browse the Gap Wireless web store today to discover the Ventev Wireless Infrastructure products that are right for you, or contact Gap Wireless to learn more about our Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products and solutions. At Gap Wireless, you’ll find the following Ventev Wireless Infrastructure products:

Indoor/Outdoor Wifi

  • Antennas
  • Enclosures
  • Cables, connectors, & cable assemblies
  • Mounts & accessories


  • LTE antennas
  • DAS antennas
  • Mobile antennas
  • Cable assemblies
  • Accessories


  • Site hardware
  • Mounting solutions