Wavecontrol is an international engineering company focused on the measurement of electromagnetic fields. Founded in 1997 and with dual headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and Rutherford, New Jersey, Wavecontrol has a global distributor network in over sixty countries on five continents. Wavecontrol has implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 quality control systems in the pursuit of improving its EMF solutions. EMI EMC EMF Testing Report Cover Wavecontrol

Wavecontrol offers a diverse range of products for both EMF safety and EMF testing needs. The company provides many high performance EMF meters and monitors to suit a variety of applications. The Wavecontrol MonitEM family of EMF monitor products includes monitors for indoor and outdoor use, large and small scale monitoring, and 24/7 monitoring for round-the-clock protection. Wavecontrol also offers personal EMF meters and monitors, including the WaveMon personal EMF meter designed to optimize worker safety in the field.

For testing purposes, Wavecontrol’s solutions for EMF meters and field probes includes the SMP2 EMF meter, a portable 3-in-1 measurement device offering broadband EMF measurements from DC to 40 GHz, frequency spectrum analysis from DC to 400 kHz, and static field measurements. Compatible with the SMP2 EMF meter is a large selection of Wavecontrol field probes to enable a wide range of measurement applications. All Wavecontrol field probes are designed to conform to IEC 62110 and IEC 61786 measurement standards, and provide exceptional sensitivity with measurements as sensitive as 0.04 V/m. Like all Wavecontrol products, Wavecontrol field probes are ISO 17025 accredited with standard individual calibration.

Why Wavecontrol?Wavecontrol WaveMon EMF exposure meter

Why should you choose Wavecontrol for your EMF meter or EMF safety monitoring needs? Wavecontrol produces high-quality, professional-grade measurement and monitoring equipment that conforms to international standards and offers incredible value. Wavecontrol has a steadfast commitment to the best service for its customers, providing the fastest and most efficient technical services including ISO 17025 accredited calibration. Finally, Wavecontrol pursues continuous research and development in an effort to improve its products and enhance its customers’ capabilities. With over 2500 instruments on offer in over 60 countries worldwide, Wavecontrol is the international leader in EMF meters and monitoring.


 Because they produce high-quality professional equipment.
 For the fastest and most efficient technical service – including ISO 17025 accredited calibrations.
 And because they care about and listen to our customers and partners.

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ISO 17025


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Wavecontrol's two main areas of activity are:

wavecontrol-rf-safety Monitem

Safety in Electromagnetic Fields

EMF Focused / EMF Safety

Wavecontrol has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing professional instruments to measure, monitor, and evaluate human exposure to electromagnetic fields, including the MonitEM family of EMF meters and Wavemon personal EMF meters. LabCal, Wavecontrol’s calibration laboratory, is ENAC accredited and recognised around the world through the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) network. Because of Wavecontrol’s commitment to quality, all of Wavecontrol’s EMF products are delivered with ISO 17025 accredited individual calibration at no extra cost.

EMF Testing Systems


In addition to EMF safety products, Wavecontrol supplies components and systems for regulated EMF testing in Spain and Portugal. These can be used to conduct research and ensure compliance with regulatory standards in any industry. Wavecontrol’s turnkey EMF meter solutions and accessories are suitable for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, antenna measurement, automatic wiring verification devices, shielding materials, and of course, EMF safety.

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