Wirewerks develops and manufactures industry-leading IP network infrastructure solutions, including high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems, Ethernet active devices, and HDMI products. Wirewerks’ top quality solutions have been addressing its customers’ networking requirements since Wirewerks was founded in 1991. Today, Wirewerks customers are involved in almost every vertical market, and Wirewerks network infrastructure products are solving a broad range of networking challenges and opportunities. From the desktop to the data center and everything in-between, let Wirewerks be your trusted network infrastructure partner. Driven to providing the most value for its customers, Wirewerks is committed to working alongside customers to provide the best networking solutions and best value available.

The extensive Wirewerks product line includes a complete portfolio of cables, cable assemblies, connectivity products, and patch panels for both optical fiber and copper networks. Wirewerks also offers a family of Ethernet media converters and SFP modules, as well as an assortment of specialized HDMI modular connectors and cables. All Wirewerks products are designed and manufactured according to Wirewerks’ stringent Total Quality program in order to assure they perform reliably when installed in critical networks. All Wirewerks products are entirely compliant with relevant industry standards from organizations including ANSI/TIA, ISO/IEC, and Telcordia, in addition to compliance with safety and environmental standards from organizations including UL, CSA, RoHS and LEED.

Why Wirewerks?

For over 25 years, Wirewerks has been a trusted partner of organizations from all major vertical markets, including government, telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, finance, education, information technology, retail, and hospitality. Wirewerks’ integrated network infrastructure solutions support a wide range of environments and topologies including LANs, SANs, data centers, wireless networking, broadband networks, and IP-based building automation and security.

Wirewerks’ portfolio of industry leading network infrastructure products is complemented by Wirewerks’ industry-leading 25-year warranty program, giving you the peace of mind that your network is built with reliable components and professional workmanship. Additionally, full compliance with all major industry standards means you can count on Wirewerks components to provide the best value for your money. And with reliable installation features, high density designs to maximize per port costs, and easily scalable solutions, you can be even more confident in your investment with Wirewerks.

Wirewerks Integrated Solutions

Wirewerks products are meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly within complete structured cabling systems. Wirewerks fully integrated solutions include NextSTEP Technology, CableOnce, and Keywerks.

NextSTEP Technology

NextSTEP Technology is a high-density fiber management solution that incorporates a selection of patch panels, cable management devices, and slide-in cassette-style modules that can be configured to be installed in practically any passive optical fiber application.


CableOnce is Wirewerks’ end-to-end solution for high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems.


Keywerks is Wirewerks’ solution for customers that require industry-standard keystone connectivity components in their networks. The keystone standard provides a common form factor for network connectivity components, which ensures product from different vendors can be installed together in the same network.

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