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Gap Wireless Military Brochure 2021

Military & Defence Solutions at Gap Wireless

Keysight FieldFox Test and Measurement
Coaxical cable and components for military
dedrone counter drone technology

Test and Measurement

Gap Wireless stocks and distributes thousands of Test & Measurement products from world-class manufacturers delivering the latest technology for accurate and efficient measurements. From the smallest component tested in the lab to the largest antenna inspection in the field, Gap Wireless specializes in distributing RF Test equipment, Network cable, and fiber optic testers for Government and Military applications.

Coaxial Cable & Components

Gap Wireless is a leading distributor of telecom infrastructure solutions for the mobile broadband and wireless markets supporting the network needs of today—and tomorrow. With our comprehensive range of antennas, transmission lines, coaxial cables, and coaxial components we will ensure you have everything you need for end-to-end telecom infrastructure deployment, maintenance, and enhancement solutions.

ICT Solutions

Gap Wireless’ Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions enable you to get the most out of your cable and telecom networks and enterprise deployments. To provide the very best ICT solutions, Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendor partners to distribute products including copper and fiber IP network solutions, power and testing capabilities, racks and cabinets, and much more.

Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Gap Wireless works with their vendor partners to provide a complete airspace security solution for Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems to protect critical institutions, personnel, and assets. Modern security for military and defense customers, Government and commercial users requires a layered approach that keeps up with the evolution of drone technology and that is what Gap Wireless can provide.

Delivering Versatility and Durability to Microwave Field Tests

Keysight Military field tests
keysight authorized distributor logo

Cable and Antenna Test, Radar Installation, Interference Hunting.

Every piece of gear in your field kit had to prove its worth. Measuring up and earning a spot is the driving idea behind Keysight’s FieldFox microwave analyzers. FieldFox is equipped to handle routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting and anything in between. Integrate microwave cable, antenna test, spectrum analysis, vector network analysis, and more to meet all of your test requirements. FieldFox delivers quality microwave measurements — wherever you need to go.

FieldFox is rugged and robust in harsh environments to meet MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 standards, with a water-resistant chassis, keypad, and a case that withstands shock and vibrations with a temperature range from –10º C to +55º C.

A bright, low-reflective display and backlit keys enable easy viewing in direct sunlight or darkness, and an intuitive user interface allows measurements with fewer keystrokes to simplify complicated setups.

Solutions For Demanding Inspection and Test Procedures

EA Products
Elektro-Automatik small logo

Aircraft electronics and other electrically-powered equipment aboard an aircraft are subject to some of most extreme power conditions. To ensure that avionics will operate reliably once in the air, they are subjected to a wide variety of tests that prove their ability to withstand over-and under-voltage conditions, power dropouts, and voltage transients. MIL-STD-704, ‘Aircraft Electric Power Characteristics’, establishes the requirements and characteristics of aircraft electric power, while MIL-HDBK-704-7 and MIL-HDBK-704-8 describe the test methods and procedures for equipment designed to operate from 270 VDC and 28 VDC power, respectively.

Elektro-Automatik’s line of DC power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional power supplies have features that will put today’s avionics to the test and still meet future needs. EA’s PSI, EL, ELR and PSB product series can provide up to 2000V, have autoranging and on-board arbitrary waveform and function generation. This flexibility allows EA to produce or sink power needed to simulate real world conditions and ensure that avionics and airborne equipment will continue operate even in the most adverse conditions.

Total RF Expertise. World Leader in EMC Test Solutions

TDK RF Solutions Banner
TDK RF Solutions

Innovative solutions for EMI and EMS test systems.

TDK product design engineers focus on products that integrate seamlessly with EMI and EMS testing systems so you and your staff can use our solutions from day one.

TDK RF Solutions is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of technical solutions for the electromagnetic compatibility testing and antenna measurement industries.

TDK offers a complete range of solutions including automated test systems, TDK anechoic chambers, RF absorbers, antennas, software, and a wide range of test products. We call it Total System Technology®, and it means TDK RF Solutions is your best choice of partner for proven solutions and services backed by internal technical expertise. If you are in the market for a complete turnkey solution or looking to expand your test capabilities with a new antenna, contact us to see what TDK can do for you.

ThinkRF Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

ThinkRF signal intelligence Sigint
thinkrf logo small

Better Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) with ThinkRF.

Capture more signals and control the spectrum with advanced Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF.

  • Control the spectrum with the best price-performance ratio on the market
  • Maximize detection of short, low powered, or infrequent signals in challenging and fast moving environments
  • Reduce SWaP requirements when integrating into larger systems with a compact and embedded form factor
  • Deploy remotely with network and triggering capabilities for continuous and in-place monitoring of the battlefield
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading third-party software for dedicated applications and advanced capabilities

Test Equipment for EMF Exposure Assessment

Wavecontrol wavemon SMP2 military
wavecontrol logo EMF meters

RF Safety / EMF Safety

The main sources of electromagnetic radiation in the area of defense are radar stations, satellite equipment, communication equipment, etc. The SMP2 is particularly suitable thanks to its high-speed digital processing that ensures the ability to detect peaks of up to 1 µs. It can also detect isolated very high amplitude peaks thanks to a special self-scaling function that adapts the device’s dynamic margin (amplification) to the necessary levels. In the area of defense we can find electric and magnetic fields of low frequency, from communications equipment working at several kilohertz (kHz) up to gigahertz (GHz). The SMP2 + WP400 + WPF18 combination is ideal in this case because it can cover the 1 Hz – 18 GHz frequency range with just two probes.

Wavecontrol offers the WaveMon, a personal monitor which incorporates all necessary functionalities for a correct and effective surveillance of electromagnetic fields exposure. Additionally, the SMP2 device, the most versatile and innovative field measurement device on the market, along with the MonitEM family of devices and the MonitEM-Lab version, all of which have special characteristics that make them unique.

Our Military Solutions Partners

Gap Wireless has partnered with the following world-class following test and measurement, coaxial cable and components, ICT, and counter-drone technology vendors to provide value-added solutions to our Military and Department of Defence customers.

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