Efficiency, productivity, and safety are key elements of successful mining operations in today’s competitive world. Mining companies are now using drones for everything from mapping, to mineral exploration, to tracking of stockpiles.

Multi-spectral imaging is used in exploration to locate mineral deposits, especially valuable in remote areas where expensive helicopters would previously have been deployed.

In open-pit mining and quarries, drones are being used to do rapid surveying with ground control points (GCPs) to literally get the lay of the land, using slope grading and automated stockpile calculations to determine operational output and equipment fuel consumption. Tracking stockpiles and creating accurate terrain models can help measure progress and document how much material has been moved.

Aerial visuals from drones can also enhance worker safety, providing an enhanced view of operations and any issues that might be imminent on the ground.  In underground mines, vendors such as DJI enable creation of powerful applications such as the LiDAR tunnel inspection with a Matrice 100 drone, reducing risk and expense.

Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendors, such as DJI Enterprise, FLIR, DeDrone, Propeller Aero, and inUAVi to deliver drones, sensors, software, and support to cost-effectively fulfill your UAV needs.

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