Next-Generation DAS/5G/IoT at Gap Wireless

Next-Generation DAS/5G/IoT at Gap Wireless

The next generation of wireless networks are set to deliver cutting-edge capabilities for network connectivity, access, speed, and reliability. Gap Wireless has all the products and solutions you need to support your next-gen network advancements.

5G mobile network deployments are ready to enhance business and consumer requirements for increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency. This next-gen network is also poised to better support machine-to-machine communications and the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT incorporates billions of internet-connected devices that demand constant, reliable wireless communication to enable data-driven performance enhancements in smart cities, smart factories, and more. Next-gen IoT networks will provide lower cost, lower battery consumption, and lower latency than 4G networks.

New technological solutions will be required to accommodate the new 5G standards, and Gap Wireless can provide them all. Mobile systems and base stations will require new and faster processors, basebands, and RF devices. Next-generation DAS systems will ensure that the increasing demand for bandwidth in high-demand areas can reliably be met.

Next-Gen Networks at Gap Wireless

Gap Wireless has all the solutions you need for your next-gen network applications. Gap Wireless’ next-gen network solutions include industry-leading products designed for 5G, next generation DAS, and IoT deployments. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading next-gen network providers to offer a wide selection of solutions made to ensure successful network deployments. Our esteemed next-gen network vendor partners include DeltaNode, Fiplex Communications, JMA Wireless, Sunwave Solutions, SureCall, and Westell Technologies. These international companies provide a comprehensive selection of innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for next-gen network deployments.

Together with out vendor partners, Gap Wireless enables telecommunication service providers, cell tower operators, government and defense contractors, military, enterprise IT, and other network operators to improve their next-gen network performance while lowering operating costs and enhancing network reliability. We offer next-gen network solutions including DAS systems, antennas, transmission line, RF conditioning technology, filters, duplexers, transmitter combiners, receive multicouplers, tower-mounted amplifiers, bi-directional amplifiers, powering systems, boosters, and accessories. With Gap Wireless, you’ll find everything you need for next-gen network deployments to enable 5G and IoT.

Browse the Gap Wireless web store today to discover the next-gen network solutions that are best suited to your application. Or, contact us to learn more about our wide product selection and what we can do to help you succeed in 5G, IoT, next-gen DAS, and other next-gen network deployments.

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