Next-Generation DAS/5G/IoT at Gap Wireless

Next-generation networks are delivering leading-edge capabilities for network connectivity, access, speed and reliability, and Gap Wireless has the products and solutions needed to support those network advancements.

5G mobile network deployments will better meet business and consumer requirements for increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency. The next-gen network is also expected to better support machine-to-machine communications – the Internet of Things (IoT) – targeting lower cost, lower battery consumption and lower latency than 4G networks.

To accommodate the new 5G standards, mobile systems and base stations will need new and faster applications processors, basebands and RF devices – and more. Next-generation DAS systems ensure that the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth in high-demand areas can be met.

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Gap Wireless can meet your end-to-end infrastructure, maintenance and enhancement needs.

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