Optical & Ethernet Test Tools

Whether testing physical plant or troubleshooting application layer data, Gap Wireless offers a broad range of solutions including fiber inspection and cleaning, copper-at-speed Ethernet testing to application layer network stress testing. It’s important to verify network performance and functionality when installing any network. Whether a traditional copper Ethernet service or fiber-based telecom deployment, Gap Wireless can provide the tools to verify the physical plant all the way to telecom deployment of the customer service.

Gap Wireless vendor partners provide the following capabilities:

  • Portable or handheld test equipment can address everything from basic testing of signal transmission, to advanced testing of resistance, signal attenuation, noise and interference
  • Cable testers for Ethernet networks can measure continuity, resistance, and voltage performance levels
  • Advanced optical cable testers are available to measure signal loss properties of optical cables and connectors
  • Specific Test & Measurement tools are available to ensure proper synchronization between fiber types
  • Fusion splicing and fiber optic cleaning supplies are available to ensure peak outputs
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Our Partners

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