Optical & Ethernet Test Tools

Optical & Ethernet Test Tools

Gap Wireless offers a wide selection of network cable testers, fiber optic testers, and other network test equipment. When installing or servicing any network, it’s crucial to verify its performing as required. Whether you’re testing a physical plant or troubleshooting application layer data, our broad range of solutions includes everything from fiber inspection and copper-at-speed Ethernet testing to application layer network stress testing and fiber optic cleaning. For traditional copper Ethernet services and fiber-based telecom deployments alike, Gap Wireless provides the tools you need to test and verify the physical plant and customer-facing telecom deployment.

Gap Wireless works with several industry-leading vendor partners to bring you the very best in network cable testers, fiber optic testers, and other optical and ethernet test equipment. Our esteemed international partners include ALBEDO Telecom, RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems), Sarokal Test Systems, TTI (Terahertz Technologies Inc.), and VeEX, all leaders in network verification technologies. Working closely with these vendors, we offer a range of portable and handheld network cable testers and fiber optic testers, fusion splicing and fiber optic cleaning supplies, and advanced network and fiber optic test equipment. Our vendor partners provide leading communications solutions for PTP, SyncE, GbE, 10GbE, E1/T1, jitter/wander, OTDR, cabling measurements, taps, testers, clocks, CPRI, OBSAI, JESD204, eCPRI and IEEE 1914 solutions, QoS and SLA technologies implemented in WAN emulators, mobile backhaul, OTN, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn, and much more.

Our extensive selection of network cable testers, fiber optic testers, and additional network verification equipment is ideally suited for telecom operators, chipset vendors, fronthaul equipment manufacturers, R&D laboratories, and more. Browse our store to find state-of-the-art optical time domain reflectometers, optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters, CWDM channel analyzers, tunable laser sources, advanced autotest/auto wave loss test sets, fiber optic microscopes, comprehensive network test systems, and components and filter products including adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, terminations, couplers, combiners, reactive splitters, signal tappers, diplexers, triplexers, and 5-plexers. See below to browse by vendor partner or navigate to our web store to search for a specific network cable tester, optical cable tester, or other network verification solution. Whatever you’re looking for, Gap Wireless can help you find it.

Gap Wireless vendor partners provide the following capabilities:

  • Portable or handheld test equipment that can handle everything from basic testing of signal transmission to advanced testing of resistance, signal attenuation, noise, and interference
  • Cable testers for Ethernet networks that can measure continuity, resistance, and voltage performance levels
  • Advanced optical cable testers that can measure signal loss properties of optical cables and connectors
  • Specific Test & Measurement tools that can ensure proper synchronization between fiber types
  • Fusion splicing and fiber optic cleaning supplies that can ensure peak outputs
VeEX Optical & Ethernet Test Tools

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