Power & Energy

Creating and delivering power to communities across vast geography in North America poses inherent challenges for inspection and repair by power providers. Drones offer a cost-effective and efficient option to address the daunting task of ongoing maintenance and emergency response for power lines, hydro installations, and wind turbines.

Power Lines

Given the height of power lines and the vast distances they traverse, helicopters have been the traditional choice for inspection. Today drones are providing equivalent and better access at a much lower price point, with the ability to fly even in adverse conditions while capturing accurate and precise real-time data and images for analysis. Drones can record not only the condition of the power lines themselves such as damage or corrosion, but also vegetation conditions surrounding the lines to aid in preventing potential outages from downed trees. An advantage of drone inspection is reduced downtime, since power doesn’t have to be turned off during drone inspection of power lines.

Hydro Installations

Monitoring hydro assets including transmission towers is a daunting task, especially when those assets are in remote and hard to reach locations. Drones can monitor sensitive infrastructure without exposing workers to unnecessary risks.

Wind Turbines

The proliferation of wind turbines has presented similar challenges for inspection and maintenance, especially at large ‘wind farms’. Using traditional methods, staff must climb up or be hoisted to sufficient height to inspect turbine blades for damage, which is both dangerous and time-consuming. Drones can fly in close proximity to the turbines and obtain high-quality images to document cracks or any other structural stress indicators, saving time and money, and reducing risk.


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