Precision Test Cables

Precision Test Cables

Gap Wireless offers preconfigured RF test cables designed for a range of applications, from basic bench use through to life cycle testing. Our large in-stock inventory of RF test cables includes economy to high performance cables from 0 – 110 GHz, including phase stable cables, skew matched cables, and all other cabling needs. Our RF test cables are suitable for many applications in Test & Measurement, with products including:

  • High phase stability cables for measuring instruments up to 120 GHz
  • Cables for a wide temperature range and high durability for product verification up to 26.5 GHz
  • Flexible assemblies for bench test equipment up to 67 GHz
  • Formable test cables for manufacturing test racks up to 18 GHz
  • Highly precise, skew match cables for the most demanding measurement needs up to 67 GHz

Your RF test equipment is only as good as the cables that connect to it, and that’s why we offer the best selection of RF test cables for any application. Whether you’re looking for economy RF test cables for basic testing needs, or high-performance phase stable cables and skew match cables for more sophisticated measurements, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Gap Wireless. All connector types are available at Gap Wireless, and custom combinations for gender and connector type can also be provided. We offer the highest quality RF test cables available, with high flexibility, high durability, extreme longevity, and exceptional phase performance. Whatever your application, whether in military, aerospace, wireless communications, industrial applications, or any other domain, the extensive Gap Wireless web store has the RF test cables you need to get the job done.

Gap Wireless works together with our industry-leading vendor partners to provide the highest-performance RF test cables available. Our international partners include Junkosha, RFOCS, and more. Junkosha, founded in Japan in 1954, provides high-performance RF test cables including phase stable cables for network analyzers, space qualified cables, extremely flexible test cables, and high durability and temperature range cables for rugged environments. RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems) is a leading provider of test grade RF components including high-performance cable assemblies. Browse the Gap Wireless web store today to discover the wide range of RF test cables from our leading vendor partners and find the right cable solutions for your needs.

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