Public Safety

Commercial-grade UAVs are increasingly relied upon by police, fire departments, and other public safety organizations as reliable tools for enhancing emergency response and for protecting installations from unwanted drone intrusions.  In challenging situations, drones can provide unique viewpoints and collect data not easily obtained by humans, greatly improving situational awareness and responsiveness.

For police departments, drones are used to provide an aerial view for officers responding to dynamic situations in the field. Compact drones can fit in police cars for easy portability, providing quicker and safer response to situations and benefiting both police officers and the citizens they protect.

For firefighters and public safety teams, drones equipped with video and infrared cameras are useful in assessing fire damage, providing insight into critical incidents, monitoring natural disasters such as wildfires or flooding, conducting search and rescue operations, and more. Thermal imaging is particularly useful when smoke is obscuring visibility, or when conducting searches in rugged terrain.

With the proliferation of drones comes the challenge of ensuring security at prisons, government buildings, industrial plants, and other critical locations. Gap Wireless vendor partner Dedrone provides an automatic, integrated, and self-contained drone detection, identification, and counter-measures platform to defeat drone threats and their operators 24/7.

As the premiere provider of UAV solutions in North America, Gap Wireless has a unique vantage-point on drones in Public Safety.  Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendors, such as DJI Enterprise, FLIR, DeDrone, Propeller Aero, and inUAVi to deliver drones, sensors, software, and support to cost-effectively fulfill your UAV needs.


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