RF Test Equipment

RF Test Equipment

Modern wireless networks require better and more extensive testing than ever, and the ability to find and source RF interference is imperative. Gap Wireless provides solutions for all RF testing requirement needs, from basic RF cable testing to high-end radar and VNA. You’ll find handheld and bench products spanning a full range of frequencies and capabilities, incorporating solutions for the latest technologies like CPRI and 5G.

Whatever your RF test equipment needs, you’ll find a solution at Gap Wireless. For spectrum analysis, you’ll find a range of handheld and bench spectrum analyzers that enable you to accurately measure the frequency, amplitude, phase noise, and modulation of your RF signals in real time. To ensure RF safety, you’ll find a selection of EMF meters, monitors, field probes, and personal safety devices. A broad range of power meters and sensors equips you with insight into your power levels. For in-building solution (IBS) and distributed antenna system (DAS) design, you’ll find the tools you need for design, verification, installation, testing, commissioning, long-term maintenance, optimization, and monitoring. We provide portable and bench passive intermodulation (PIM) testing equipment and components to ensure you can detect and mitigate distortion throughout your system. You’ll find a vast portfolio of test grade RF components including adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, terminations, couplers, diplexers, triplexers, 5-plexers, combiners, reactive splitters, and signal tappers.

RF test equipment is an essential part of designing, installing, and operating your wireless systems. Gap Wireless serves customers who depend on reliable and accurate RF test equipment, including carriers and contractors, wireless service providers, and network implementors for government, military, education, utilities, and telecom. Gap Wireless works with industry leading vendors of RF test equipment to provide you with the best and latest in RF testing technology. Our international network of vendor partners includes Consultix, Kaelus, Keysight Technologies, RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems), SAF Tehnika, ThinkRF, and Wavecontrol, all highly respected manufacturers of top-of-the-line RF test equipment. With over a century of combined RF test equipment experience, our vendor partners have imbued their solutions with the experience and capabilities necessary to meet the demands of modern wireless networks.

The equipment you use depends on the application at hand. Whether you’re an RF installation technician in need of basic handheld test equipment, or a researcher in need of full-featured comprehensive test sets, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Gap Wireless. Our solutions are compatible with the full range of RF testing needs, from the simplest field measurements to the most challenging IBS/DAS designs, from entry level products to the highest-end test equipment available. Browse our extensive web store to discover our many RF test equipment offerings, including:

  • Basic handheld spectrum analyzers
  • Basic cable and antenna analyzers
  • Advanced multi-service RF test tools (VNA, power meter, SA, CAT)
  • CPRI testers
  • CW sources
  • Power sensors
  • Point-to-point band specific SA
  • PIM testers
  • Advanced real time spectrum analysis Tools
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