RF Test Equipment

Today’s Wireless networks demand better test methodologies and more extensive testing including the ability to find and source RF Interference. Gap Wireless offers solutions to meet RF testing requirements – everything from basic RF cable testing to high-end Radar and VNA. Products span basic frequencies to Lidar with Spectrum Analyzers, and Handheld units to Bench with complex decoding capability. Latest technologies such as CPRI and 5G are within the scope of available solutions.

RF installation technicians requiring basic test equipment and those technicians who need the full capabilities of sophisticated test sets can choose from the following suite of products from Gap Wireless:

  • Basic Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
  • Basic Cable & Antenna Analyzers
  • Advanced Multi-Service RF Test Tools (VNA, Power Meter, SA, CAT)
  • CPRI Testers
  • CW Sources
  • Power Sensors
  • Point to Point Band Specific SA
  • PIM Testers
  • Advanced Real Time Spectrum Analysis Tools
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Our Partners

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  • Wavecontrol

Gap Wireless serves all users of advanced Test & Measurement solutions.

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