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Coax Blocks

Coax Blocks are available in double run design. The robust design allows up to 6 runs of cable to be supported in one compact bundle.

  • Weather-resistant polypropylene

  • Interior gripping teeth

  • Exterior alignment ridges


RFOCS Coax BlockRFOCS metric block

Double Run Coax Blocks

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Part #                          Description                                                Quantity

RFX-BH-0.5               Block for 1/2” Coaxial Cable, Double Run    10

RFX-BH-0.875           Block for 7/8” Coaxial Cable, Double Run    10

RFX-BH-1.25             Block for 1-1/4” Coaxial Cable, Double Run 10

RFX-BH-1.625           Block for 1-5/8” Coaxial Cable, Double Run 10

Metric Blocks

Metric Blocks unique design allows them to support a range of cable diameters. Compatible with 3/8” or 10mm mounting hardware.

  • Manufactured from weather resistant polypropylene

  • Accommodates 3/8” and 10mm hardware

  • Ideal for electrical wire or fiber cable

Metric Blocks

Part #              Description                                                 Quantity

RFX-BH-58    Double Block for 5mm to 8mm OD Cable     10

RFX-BH-812  Double Block for 8mm to 12mm OD Cable   10

RFX-BH-1216 Double Block for 12mm to 16mm OD Cable 10