Site Antenna Solutions

Site Antenna Solutions

Antennas are a key component of any network, and Gap Wireless has the site antenna solutions you need for all your deployments. We supply a wide selection of antennas ­­including macro site antennas, small cell antennas, and indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (iDAS and oDAS). We also provide transmission line and other supporting products including lite cell-site towers, mounts, antenna enclosures, and componentry.

Gap Wireless’ large variety of site antenna solutions cover frequency bands for commercial, public safety, and license-exempt spectrum applications. Our antenna products are suitable for many deployment scenarios, for coverage or capacity objectives, and for use in fixed or temporary sites. They are designed to stand up to the most demanding applications and operating requirements covering single band, broadband, and multi-band. Our site antenna solutions enable antenna configurations offering multiple ports for MIMO, split sector, or multi-beam requirements.

Macro, Small Cell, iDAS, and oDAS Site Antenna Solutions

Whatever your antenna requirements, whether you’re looking for macro site antennas, small cell antennas, or iDAS and oDAS systems, you’ll find the site antenna solutions you need at Gap Wireless. In order to offer you the best available antenna and supporting products, Gap Wireless has partnered with an international ecosystem of industry leading vendor partners, all respected manufacturers of high performance site antenna solutions. Our vendor partners include Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI), Communication Components Inc. (CCI), Delta America, Galtronics, MARS Antennas, MatSing, Sinclair Technologies, and SYSKIM International. Together with these esteemed partners, Gap Wireless is able to offer an extensive selection of site antenna solutions for any frequency band and deployment scenario.

Gap Wireless stocks and supplies site antenna solutions for all applications and industries including telecommunications, enterprise IT, defense, industrial automation, research and development, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and many more. We offer indoor and outdoor distributed antenna system solutions for high capacity venues such as airports, hospitals, stadiums, and government facilities that provide the coverage and reliability necessary for the most challenging scenarios. Our site antenna solutions encompass frequency bands from VHF to UHF and beyond, including all LTE, 3G, 4G, and 5G bands.

Whether you’re looking for fixed or mobile antennas, supporting products such as transmission line, or a complete turn-key site antenna solution, Gap Wireless has the product you’re looking for. Browse the Gap Wireless web store to discover the site antenna solutions that are right for your application, or contact us today to learn more. For more information on our industry leading vendor partners, explore the list below.

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