Small Cell/Private LTE/Smart Cities

Small Cell Networks/Private LTE/Smart Cities

Gap Wireless’s small cell network and distributed antenna systems (DAS) solutions enable mobile operators to increase network capacity, extend service coverage, and expand revenue opportunities. Small cells are poised to be an integral part of future 4G, 5G, and private LTE networks that will integrate layers of small and large cells in advanced HetNets. Gap Wireless stocks all the macro and small cell network solutions required for your installation needs.

The indoor Wi-Fi/DAS and outdoor DAS solutions supplied by Gap Wireless allow operators to provide the best possible coverage to bring wireless connectivity closer to users. Our range of DAS solutions includes antennas, boosters, repeaters, cavity combiners, and filters. We also provide wireless Ethernet connectivity solutions in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. Through beam forming and interference cancellation techniques, our wireless Ethernet solutions support both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight applications.

Municipal governments are increasingly seeking to create smart cities that use IoT sensors to collect data which can be used to efficiently manage assets and resources. Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendors to provide the latest technology to enable the creation of smart cities.

Next Generation Small Cell Networks

The next generation of networks requires the next generation of infrastructure solutions, and you can find them all at Gap Wireless. There are numerous challenges associated with accommodating the new 5G standards, and chief among them are that 5G mobile network deployments will require increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency. Gap Wireless provides small cell network and DAS solutions designed for the next generation.

But the challenges of the next generation of networks don’t end there. All practical wireless alternatives to copper and  fiber in last mile deployments must address the complex issues of obstructions, where non-line-of-sight solutions must be cost-effective and reliable; spectrum scarcity, where various parties must compete for limited spectral resources; interference, both for inter-cell self-interference and interference from competing networks on the limited spectrum; changing environmental conditions, where typical motion in the environment can cause problems in non-line-of-sight applications; and complex installation, where small cell networks demand quick and easy installations in order to scale.

In order to combat these challenges and provide effective small cell network and distributed antenna system solutions, Gap Wireless has partnered with Tarana Wireless, a pioneer in 5G wireless technology for mobile and fixed access networks. The Tarana Broadband Access Platform, including the Tarana AbsoluteAir 2 (AA2) Universal Wireless Transport solution product line, was designed from the ground up to solve the above challenges and enable the future of small cell networks, private LTE deployments, and smart cities. Tarana Wireless and Gap Wireless’s other industry leading vendor partners offer the technology you need to keep pace with the future.

To learn more about Gap Wireless’s small cell network and DAS solutions, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today.

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