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Solutions for Wireless Service and Neutral Host Providers

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Expanding horizons of service & support innovation

Along with delivering leading-edge mobile broadband and wireless products & solutions, Gap Wireless provides best-in-class service and support.

Custom Testing

The Gap Wireless testing lab offers complete component electrical, RF & optical characterization for IP, Wi-Fi, WCDMA & LTE systems using advanced instruments & qualified technicians/engineers. These services are available as random sample quality control for VMI programs or batch/lot testing. Typical physical layer testing includes: PIM, VSWR, OTDR, insertion loss & isolation measurements; plus advanced testing of antenna pattern validation & modulation analysis.


Gap Wireless is closing the gap with on-time delivery anywhere, anytime. Delivery cost is based on shipment weight and delivery speed specified by the buyer. Gap Wireless supports customers with a comprehensive return policy.


Gap Wireless delivers flexible and cost-efficient logistics solutions for convergent product offerings, with serial number tracking and RMA support, including: managing inventories; picking & packing, timely & cost-effective global shipping; and accurate returns processing.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) streamlines inventory management and order fulfillment. Gap Wireless closes the gap with collaboration between key suppliers and customers, using a unique algorithm to replenish orders.