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Sunwave Solutions’ CrossFire Provides Cost-effective Digital DAS

Sunwave Solutions, a company specializing in creating innovative products to solve coverage and capacity challenges of mobile network operators globally, has created CrossFire, an all-digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) platform available now from Gap Wireless. CrossFire supports many of the standard features of a DAS solution such as star configurations, single and multimode fiber support, neutral hosting, multiband and multi-technology support – including high, low and nano power applications.

Being an all-digital platform, CrossFire also offers flexible GUI configuration, digital passband filtering, and daisy-chained or star configured remote units, plus the following standard features:

  • Main hub to remote distances up to 70 km
  • Remotely configurable capacity and coverage
  • Single fiber MIMO support
  • Supported RF bandwidths of over 250 MHz on a single fiber
  • BTS hotels
  • Low power consumption enabling reduced TCO for DAS installations and integrated GigE transport

A cost-effective solution, the CrossFire’s digital transport technology is capable of supporting multiple complete 3GPP bands, while simplifying deployment and ensuring that ongoing network configuration is just a click away. The suite of CrossFire products includes:

AU – The Access Unit: Only 1U high, provides connectivity between the DAS and the serving base stations.
LPRU – The Low Power Remote Unit:  Supports up to 4 bands with a power output of up to +27 dBm; modular design supporting SISO, 2xMIMO and 4xMIMO within a 1U unit.
HPRU – The High Power Remote Unit: Supports up to two bands with a power output of +43 dBm in a convection-cooled chasses of only 15 liters (0.52 cu. ft.).
NPRU – The Nano Power Remote Unit: Offers the same functionality as high & low power remote units, developed to meet the demands of the Enterprise market.
EUO – The Expansion Unit, only 1U high, supports both optical port expansion and multiple GigE interfaces; can be cascaded to support complex double star DAS configurations.
EUE – The Expansion Unit, only 1U high, supports PoE+ based CAT 5 or 6 links to support up to 12 NANO units as well as multiple GigE interfaces.

When the Crossfire All-digital DAS platform is combined with Sunwave Solutions’ All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies, wireless operators have an end-to-end product portfolio supporting HetNets (Heterogeneous Network Solutions). The Crossfire can also deliver private network solutions when combined with Small Cells, Thin RAN, EPC and IMS, meeting end-to-end requirements for Enterprise LTE 4G coverage for hospitals, shopping malls, and office complexes.

Click here for more information about SunWave’s CrossFire digital DAS platform from Gap Wireless.

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